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1EKI05.13 Newspaper Article 1963 Eli Hochstedler Letters to the Editor: GC Transfer Joins Civil Rights Move
1EKI19.08 Document 1963 Eli Hochstedler Report on Events of October 27, 1963 (Untitled Document)
1EKI19.11 Letter 1963
Elmer E. Dickson
Joseph A. Buckles
Donald E. Walden
Gerald E. Forshey
"Help" From Joe, Don, Jerry and Elmer to the Methodist Ministers of Chicago
1EK56.44d Magazine Article 1963 Eugene Peacock How Shall We Work Together to Achieve the Goals?
1FH08.04 Letter 1963 Fanie Lou Hamer Letter from Fannie Lou Hamer Seeking Support
1EK59.18 Letter 1963 Frank E. Dement Letter from Frank E. Dement, Jr. to Ed King (10/07/1963)
1EK59.04 Document 1963 G.R. Weaver Notes on the Consultation on Jackson Mississippi Held on October 31, 1963 in New York City
1EKI19.06b Newspaper Article 1963 Galen B. Ogden "They Will Not Be Denied"
1EK59.05 Document 1963 Galen R. Weaver List of Persons Present at Jackson, Mississippi Meeting Held in New York City at 815 Second Avenue on October 31, 1963
3CJ05.15 Letter 1963 George Gordh A Letter to Amaziah
1EK70.05 Letter 1963 George Maddox Letter from George Maddox to Ed King (06/03/1963)
1EK78.09 Newspaper Article 1963 George W. Cornell Pastor's Race Stands Cause Resignations
1EKI19.10 Letter 1963 Gerald E. Forshey Gerald Forshey to Bishop Brashares
1EK59.11a Magazine Article 1963 Gerald Forshey Divided Flocks in Jackson
1EK82.05 Letter 1963 Grace Bowman Letter from Grace Bowman to Ed King and John Salter
1EK56.39 Document 1963 Harold E. Zaugg Black and White Together
1EKI19.19 Newspaper Article 1963 Herblock "Keep Christmas in Your Own Way and Let Me Keep it in Mine"
1EKI19.30 Newspaper Article 1963 Hiley Ward Bishops Hit Methodist Bias
1EK56.41e Magazine Article 1963
Hoover Rupert
John Marvin
The Youthful Accent: "Churkendoose"
1EKI21.02 Magazine Article 1963 J. Fount Tillman For the Living of These Days
1EK70.04 Letter 1963 J.B. Cain Letter from J.B. Cain to Ed King (07/26/1963)
1EK56.18 Photograph 1963 Jack Thornell Marched to Waiting Police Car
1EK56.16 Photograph 1963 Jack Thornell Sit-Downs Questioned
1EK56.15 Photograph 1963 Jack Thornell Trusties and Police
1EK56.44f Magazine Article 1963 James H. Laird To the Council of Bishops
1EK56.45 Newspaper Issue 1963 James Reed Reprint of Articles from the Chicago Daily News, October 1963
1EK70.12 Letter 1963 James Silver Letter from James Silver to Ed King (06/01/1963)
1EK70.16 Letter 1963 Jean Fairfax Letter from Jean Fairfax to Ed King (06/21/1963)
1EK70.19 Document 1963 Jeannette King King Family Christmas Letter(Untitled Document)
1EK70.14 Letter 1963 Jeannine Herron Letter from Jeannine Herron to Jeannette and Ed King (Summer 1963)
1EK70.01 Newspaper Article 1963 Jerry DeLaughter Methodists Sever King Connections
1EKI19.09d Document 1963 Jimmy Ward Quotes Taken From the Editor's Column of the Jackson Daily News
1EK56.41a Magazine Article 1963
John E. Marvin
John E. Marvin
The Editor's Pulpit: An Outrage Made Manifest
1EKI19.04 Document 1963
John F. Baggett
Philip M. Dripps
Christian Unity, The Methodist Church and Jackson, Mississippi
1EK56.44c Magazine Article 1963
John F. Baggett
Philip M. Dripps
Christian Unity, the Methodist Church, and Jackson
1EK59.17 Letter 1963 John J. Shaffer Letter from John J. Shaffer to Ed King (12/16/1963)
1EK64.02 Letter 1963 John M. Mecartney Letter from John M. Mecartney to Julie Zaugg (10/12/1963)
1EK56.41 Magazine Issue 1963 John Marvin Michigan Christian Advocate November 1963 Issue
1EKI19.27 Newspaper Article 1963 John Perkins Bunche Criticizes Powell in Address at Tougaloo
1EK56.44 Magazine Issue 1963
Joseph A. Buckles
Martin Deppe
Behold December 1963 Issue
1EK56.43 Document 1963
Julia Jacobs
Foster Stockwell
Report of ICM Activities (II)- Selected From the Minutes of Membership and Steering Committee Meetings
1CSE03.01 Letter 1963 Julian Bond Letter from Julian Bond to James Ridgeway
1EK55.01 Document 1963 Julie Zaugg "Minutes" Tougaloo Movement, Fall 1963
1EK59.20 Document 1963 Julie Zaugg Statement by Julie Zaugg When Arrested (Untitled Document)
1EK70.18 Letter 1963 Kenneth I. Brown Letter from Kenneth I. Brown to Ed King (06/15/1963)
1EK70.02 Document 1963
Marvin A. Franklin
Ed King
151st Session Mississippi Annual Conference: Galloway Memorial Methodist Church
1EKI19.09c Document 1963 Medford Evans A Methodist Declaration of Conscience on Racial Segregation
1EK70.06 Letter 1963
Medgar W. Evers
Doris Allison
John R. Salter
Letter from Jackson NAACP Branches to Ross R. Barnett, Allen E. Thompson, et al. (Untitled Document)
1EK59.03a Newspaper Article 1963 Mississippi Freedom Vote Campaign Mississippi Freedom Election: Henry and King Receive Over 80,000 Votes, Majority of Mississippi Voters Don't Want Johnson
1EK60.01 Letter 1963 Ned Letter from Ned to Joan Trumpauer