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5SB03.04e Newspaper Article 1998 Jerry Mitchell Dahmer Case Attracts International Media: News Outlets from Around World Show Interest in Possible Bowers Retrial
4CM01.01 Document Charles Marsh Dahmer Murder and the Response of the Church, Field Notes
5SB03.04r Newspaper Article 1998 Jerry Mitchell Dahmer Witness Fears for Life: Billy Roy Pitts Still at Large; Officials Hope He'll Cooperate in Reopened Probe
5SB03.04i Newspaper Article 1998 Jerry Mitchell Dahmer's Files Turned Over to Authorities
1EKI19.06c Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Dayton Clergy Rally to Aid of Negro Family
1C/S03.15 Newspaper Article 1965 M.L. Young Dear Editor; M.L. Young to Voice of the People
1EK84.03 Document 1963 Ed King Death of Medgar Evers
5SB05.40 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown DeBoxtel Jury is Incomplete
5SB05.37 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown Defense Attacks Pitts' Testimony: Use Mother of Defendant
1EK82.13 Photograph 1963 Unknown Defiance
3WC08.15 Magazine Article 1995 Will D. Campbell Delete 'Fundamentalist'
1C/S03.04 Newspaper Article 1966 Ken Tolliver Delta Ministry Linked to Invasion
1C/S03.10 Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Delta Ministry May Be Behind Seizure At Base
1C/S03.39 Document 1966 Delta Ministry Delta Ministry Reports...Greenville Air Base: What Happened, and Why
1C/S03.32 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Delta Ministry's Main Function is Civil Rights: Staff Members Have Leftist Backgrounds
1C/S03.30 Newspaper Article 1965 Nicholas Von Hoffman Delta Ministry's Role Loses Friend
1CSH05.30d Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Dems Dat Block Da Way
1CSH05.30d Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Dems Dat Block Da Way
5SB05.128 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown Denies 3 Bond in Dahmer Case
1EKI19.17b Magazine Article 1963 Denies Right to go to Church
1BM01.01a Magazine Article 1994
Jimmie Briggs
Bob Moses
Doug Mindell
Dialogue with Bob Moses: Architect of the 1964 Freedom Summer
1EK63.02 Document 1963 Unknown Diary Entry by Student on the Church Visits Campaign of Protest (Untitled Document)
3WC06.02 Journal Article 1999
Michael G. Cartwright
Dennis M. Campbell
William B. Lawrence
Russell E. Richey
Discipline in Black and White: Conflicting Legacies of Nineteenth Century Euro-American Methodist and African American Methodist Disciplinary Practices
1EK59.11a Magazine Article 1963 Gerald Forshey Divided Flocks in Jackson
1EKI20.12c Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Dixie Jails B.U. Student
3FN03.03a Magazine Article 1966 Fred Alexander Do Bible Believers Believe Bible
5SB03.04d Newspaper Article 1997
Jerry Mitchell
Beverly Pettigrew Kraft
Do Klansman's Memoirs Tell 'Truth' on Killings?: Sam Bower's Manuscript Supposedly Tells Who Really Killed King and Evers
1EK59.03e Newspaper Article 1963 C. Herbert Oliver Dollars and Sense
1EKI02.16 Newspaper Article 1993 Unknown Don't Compound an Old Justice
3FN03.04a Magazine Article 1966 Unknown Don't Handcuff Evangelism
3CJ05.05 Document 1941 Donation to Mrs. C.W. Barnes (Unknown Document)
1FH03.29 Letter 1965 Doreas Doreas to Friends
1FH03.23 Letter 1965 Dorothea Rembrandt Dorothea Rembrandt to Fannie Lou Hamer
1EK61.01a Book Section 1954 Unknown Dr. Dotson McGinnis Nelson: A Biographical Sketch
3FN03.04g Magazine Article 1966 David J. Juroe Dr. King
1EK67.01 Newspaper Article 1960 Rex Thomas Drastic Steps Considered to Prevent Mass Negro Voting in Alabama
7INT13 Interview 1993
Charles Marsh
Duncan Gray
Duncan Gray Interview
2HK06.01 Document 1938
Alice Nancy
Howard Kester
Easter 1938
1FH04.14 Document Unknown Economic and Training Needs Mississippi Delta
1EKI20.06 Document 1963 Pharis J. Harvey Ecumenical Volunteer Service Project Leaders' Report
1EKI01.01 Document Ed King Ed King Curriculum Vitae
7INT05.01 Interview 1994
Charles Marsh
Ed King
Ed King Interview, Philadelphia, MS, 8/24/1994
7INT05.01 Interview 1994
Charles Marsh
Ed King
Ed King Interview, Philadelphia, MS, 8/24/1994
1EKI08.01 Document Ed King Ed King Notes
1EKI20.04 Document Ed King Ed King Notes (Untitled Document)
1EKI20.05 Document Charles Marsh Ed King Notes (Untitled Document)
1EKI16.05 Document Ed King Ed King Reflects on His Return to Mississippi
1EKI02.01 Letter 1994 Ed King Ed King to Charles Marsh
1EKI21.01 Letter 1996 Ed King Ed King to Charles Marsh
1EKI02.22 Letter 1993 Ed King Ed King to Selection Committee for Civil Rights Fellowship