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1EK67.32 Document 1960 Unknown Notes on Activism and Violence(Untitled Document)
1EK56.01t Magazine Article 1960 Unknown Pamphlet Reviews
1CSH03.17 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Platforms and Principles of the Mississippi State Democratic Party Adopted in Convention in the City of Jackson
1EKI05.16 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Religion: Holding Them in Line
1EK67.04 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Sociologist Disappointed by Verdicts
1EKI20.12b Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Student and Negro Jailed in Alabama
1EKI20.14c Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Student and Negro Jailed in Alabama
1EK67.11 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Student and Negro Jailed in Alabama
1EK56.01v Magazine Article 1960 Unknown That Men May Live...In Peace Together
1CSE01.04 Unpublished Document 1960 Unknown The Eleventh Annual Summer School of Religious Education for the Youth of the Fourth Province
1EK67.12 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown The Top News in Brief: Regional
1EKI20.14b Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Walkout Plan Hit
1EK67.10 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Walkout Plan Hit: Appeal
1EK67.27 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown White Minister and Negro Companion Fined $200 Each
1EK56.01u Magazine Article 1960
Wilfred Wellock
Henry J. Cadbury
Frederick J. Libby
Gordon S. Fairchild
Irwin R. Hogenauer
Henry W. Ridgway
1EK56.01s Magazine Article 1960 William Robert Miller Films
1EK67.31 Letter 1961 Ed King Letter from Ed King to Elroy Embry (04/28/1961)
1BM03.01 Journal Article 1961 Frank Holloway Travel Notes from a Deep South Tourist
1EK67.29 Letter 1961 Fred D. Gray Letter from Fred D. Gray to Ed King (04/22/1961)
1EK67.30 Letter 1961 Ralph D. Abernathy Letter from Ralph D. Abernathy to Ed King (05/09/1961)
1BM02.11 Magazine Article 1961 Unknown Letter from Glenn E. Smiley to Edward B. King, Jr. (01/17/1961)
1EK67.21 Newspaper Article 1961 Unknown Mixed Dining Ruling Set Aside
2SNC77.01 Document 1961 Unknown Shootings and Killings Since 1961
1EK79.01 Document 1961 W.B. Selah Brotherhood: A Sermon by Dr. W.B. Selah, Minister
1EK80.04d Magazine Article 1962 Arthur Gilbert Letter to the Editor from Rabbi Arthur Gilbert
1EK80.01g Document 1962 Douglas Renick A Southern Student Evaluates
1EKI12.02 Document 1962 Ed King Ed King: Background Manuscript Material for CR Movement
1EK73.01 Document 1962 Ed King Methodist Church and Ministry Conference (Part II): Letter
1EKI05.19 Document 1962 Gregory Wilson The Stained Glass Jungle Title Page
1EKI05.10 Newspaper Article 1962 Herblock 'We Don't Want ANY Outside Interference'
1EK80.05 Magazine Issue 1962
J. Oscar Lee
Alfred J. Kramer
Interracial News Service September-October 1962 Issue
1EK80.01f Document 1962 J. Oscar McCloud Words From a Negro Pastor
1EK80.05a Magazine Article 1962 John Collins Student Interracial Ministry: A Venture in Reconciliation
1C/S01.06 Letter 1962 Laurie Pritchett Laurie Pritchett to Whom It May Concern
1Ek80.03 Document 1962 Robert Seymour Interracial Ministry in North Carolina
1EK80.01d Document 1962 Roger L. Shinn The Student Interracial Ministry: A Venture of Faith
5KT01.01 Document 1962 Ross Barnett A Statewide Address on Television and Radio to the People of Mississippi by Governor Ross R. Barnett 7:30 P.M. September 13, 1962
1EK80.01e Document 1962 S. Collins Kilburn A White Minister Reports
1C/S05.01 Document 1962
Student Interracial Ministry
Philip D. Brown
Douglas Renick
Samuel Varner
Ralph Luker
William G. Myers
James Forbes
Bonnie Cox
Harold W. Smith
Max Case
Roger Olemacher
Hank Elkins
Kent Organ
Klaus Schmidt
J. Grant Swank
Student Interracial Ministry: Mid-Summer Report
1EK80.01b Document 1962 The Student Interracial Ministry Committee 1962 Summer Report
1EK80.01h Document 1962 Unknown Acknowledgment
1BM04.01 Document 1962 Unknown Addendum No. I to Instructions to Special Hearing Officers for the Department of Justice in Conscientious-Objector Matters
1EK80.04c Magazine Article 1962 Unknown Cartoon: "An Individual Who Would Not Kill, Becomes a Killer When Venom Stirred in the Cauldron of Intolerance creates Mob Violence"
1EK80.04 Letter 1962 Unknown Memorandum from the Student Interracial Ministry Committee to Friends of the Student Interracial Ministry
1EK80.04b Magazine Article 1962 Unknown Negro Church Restoration Fund
1EK80.01i Document 1962 Unknown Participation in the Student Interracial Ministry
1BM04.02 Document 1962 Unknown Resume of the Inquiry Re: Robert Parris Moses Conscientious Objector
1EK80.01a Document 1962 Unknown Statement of Purpose of the Student Interracial Ministry Project
1EK80.01 Document 1962 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry 1962
1EK80.01j Document 1962 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry Committee Expenditures and Projected Budget for 1963