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1EK56.01l Magazine Article 1960
Alfred Hassler
William Robert Miller
News From the Peace Front
1EK56.01o Magazine Article 1960 Alfred McClung Lee Time and Conformity
1EK56.01e Magazine Article 1960 Alice Franklin Bryant Come Out of Your Ivory Tower!
1EK56.01d Magazine Article 1960 Arthur Gillette Marching to London
1EK67.22 Newspaper Article 1960 Arthur Osgoode Evidence of Conspiracy Viewed in Mix Arrests
1EKI05.15 Magazine Article 1960 Bishop Watkins Methodism's Present Task: A Southern View
1EK67.03 Newspaper Article 1960 Dick Hines 20 Post Appeal Bonds in Disorderly Conduct
1EK67.16 Newspaper Article 1960 Donald F. Martin France Watching Girl's Trial Here
1EK67.18 Letter 1960 Ed King Letter from Ed King to Ray Jenkins (05/30/1960)
1EK67.17 Document 1960 Ed King Request for Extension of Deadlines Due to Trial: From Ed King to Boston University School of Theology (Untitled Document)
1EK56.01c Magazine Article 1960 Edith Lovejoy Pierce Race Prejudice
1EK56.01g Magazine Article 1960 Edmund G. Brown A Matter of Conviction
1EK67.28 Letter 1960 Elroy Embry Letter from Elroy Embry to Ed King
1EK67.19 Letter 1960 Fred D. Gray Letter from Fred D. Gray to Ed King (05/31/1960)
1CSH04.08 Journal Article 1960 George D. Younger "Success" and "Failure" in Inner-City Churches
1EK67.23 Photograph 1960 Haywood Paravicini The Rev. R. Edwin King Jr., Dressed in the Uniform of a City Prisoner
1EK56.02m Magazine Article 1960 Herbert Gezork The Status Quo and Dynamic Peacemaking
1EK56.01r Book Review 1960
Howard Schomer
Richard W. Reuter
William L. Neumann
John M. Swomley Jr.
1BM02.09 Letter 1960 Jane Stembridge Letter from Jane Stembridge to W.J. Faulkner (08/08/1960)
1EK56.01p Magazine Article 1960 John F. Davidson Warp
1EK67.25 Newspaper Article 1960 John J. McDavitt, Jr. Minister Chops Wood, Cuts Grass for City
1EK64.03 Document 1960 John M. Mecartney Will "Pray-Ins" Follow "Sit-Ins"?
1EKI05.09 Newspaper Article 1960 John Wicklein Methodists Favor Segregated Church
1BM02.16 Letter 1960 Jonathan Schwartz Letter from Jonathan Schwartz to SNCC (08/12/1960)
1EK67.26 Newspaper Article 1960 Judith Rushin Pair Found Guilty in Integration Try: Fines, Terms Handed Down; Appeal Lost
1EK56.01f Magazine Article 1960 Leo Hamalian Exposé
1EK56.01b Magazine Article 1960 Lillian Smith Behind the Sit-Ins
1BM02.10 Letter 1960 Marion S. Barry, Jr. Letter from Marion S. Barry, Jr. to Martin Luther King, Jr. (10/28/1960)
1BM02.17 Letter 1960 Marrion Barry Letter from Marion S. Barry, Jr. to Jonathan Schwartz (08/06/1960)
1EK67.14 Newspaper Article 1960 Ray Jenkins A Futile Prosecution
1EK67.01 Newspaper Article 1960 Rex Thomas Drastic Steps Considered to Prevent Mass Negro Voting in Alabama
1CSE01.19 Letter 1960 Thomas N. Carruthers Letter from Thomas N. Carruthers to Cleveland Sellers (04/05/1960)(Untitled Document)
1EK67.06 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown $173 Fine Given to Prof. Nesmith
1EK67.02 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown 50 Hymn-Singing Students Parade in Rain on Campus
1EKI20.14a Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown A Brief Look at the Top News
1EK67.09 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown A Brief Look at the Top News
1EKI20.12d Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown B.U. Student Gets Retrial
1EK67.20 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown B.U. Theology Student Rearrested in Race Test
1EK67.05 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Birmingham Court Slates Sit-In Trials for Monday
1EKI20.12a Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown BU Student Gets 3 Months in Racial Case
1EKI20.12c Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Dixie Jails B.U. Student
1EK67.15 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown First of Negro Appeal Cases Nearing Jury
1EKI20.10 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Greensboro Hit by New Sitdowns, etc.
1EKI20.11 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Heavy Fines Levied on Mixed Eaters
1EK67.08 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Heavy Fines Levied On Mixed Eaters
1EK67.24 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Integrated Diners Appeal; Release Scheduled Today
1EK67.13 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Integrated Lunching in Montgomery: Trials (Untitled Document)
1BM02.12 Magazine Article 1960 Unknown Letter from Jane Stembridge to H.H. Sissel (07/22/1960)
1BM02.15 Letter 1960 Unknown Letter from Jane Stembridge to Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth (08/11/1960)
1EK67.07 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Local Cleric Amazed at Arrest in Alabama Integration Controversy