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1EK56.44b Magazine Article 1963 Unknown An Account of the Arrests at Capitol Street Methodist Church (Untitled Article)
1FH03.01d Document 1977 L.C. Dorsey An Action Memorial
1EK38.02 Document John Lewis An Emergency Appeal to Southern College Students
1EKI31.01 Newspaper Article 1964 Michael Harris An Idealist in Mississippi
6MG18.01 Journal Article 2008 David Tisdale An Interview with Peggy Jean Connor: A Pioneer in Mississippi Civil Rights
1FH06.01 Interview 1972
Dr. Neil McMillen
Fannie Lou Hamer
An Oral History with Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer
3WC10.01 Interview 1976
Will D. Campbell
Orley B. Caudill
An Oral History With Will D. Campbell
1EK85.01 Magazine Issue 1989 Unknown Anglican and Episcopal History June 1989 Issue
1C/S01.04 Letter 1963 Anne Braden Anne Braden to Joan C. Browning, 3/13/1963
1FH03.25 Letter 1965 Annell Ponder Annell Ponder to Fannie Lou Hamer
1CSH05.30c Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Announcements: Citizen's Committee on Anti-Poverty and Housing Meeting
1C/S03.21 Newspaper Article 1965
Robert S. Allen
Paul Scott
Anti-Poverty Funds Slip Away in Salaries, Costs
1EKI21.05 Newspaper Article 1996 William Raspberry Are the Religious-not-so-far-right Being Left No 'Choice' in Politics
1EKI02.13 Newspaper Article 1994 Horace Buckley Are We in Mississippi Ready to Right the Wrongs That Have Been Done?
1C/S03.38 Flyer 1965 Delta Ministry Are you Poor? Are you Out of a Job?
1CSH02.24d Newspaper Article 1964 Ben Potter Art Around Town
1FH03.13 Letter 1965 Arthur Brandenburg Arthur Brandenburg to Fannie Lou Hamer
5SB05.91 Newspaper Article 1968 Elliott Chaze At Hattiesburg: Bowers Trial Nearing Jury
5SB05.90 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown At Hattiesburg: Places Bowers in Dahmer Case
5SB05.83 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown At Marks: Organizers Seeking Recruits for 'March'
5SB03.01b Newspaper Article 2000 Staff and Press Reports Athens Native Dies
1EKI19.29 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Atlanta Baptists Invite Negroes
1FH03.06 Letter 1964 Unknown Att: Helen Brooks, President
5SB02.01a Newspaper Article 1994 Yolanda Butler Author Scours Logs for Glimpse at Slavery
5SB03.04k Newspaper Article 1998 Jerry Mitchell Authorities Discover Missing Dahmer Trial Transcript: State Law Allows Transcript Testimony to be Used in New Trials
5SB03.04f Newspaper Article 1998 Jerry Mitchell Authorities Study Bowers Transcripts: '80s Interviews May Show Klansman's Role in Vernon Dahmer Death
1FH04.02d Document 1976 Fannie Lou Hamer Autobiography of Fannie Lou Hamer
1EKI20.12d Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown B.U. Student Gets Retrial
1EK67.20 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown B.U. Theology Student Rearrested in Race Test
1EKI06.01 Magazine Article 1964 Unknown Baptist Beauties
5DH05.01 Document 1964 Jim Newton Baptists Challenged To Improve Race Scene
1CSH02.07 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown Baptists Make Public Text of Resolutions About Race
1EK82.20 Newspaper Article 1963 Charles Portis Battle Flares, Nipped After Miss. Funeral
7INT17 Interview 1994
Charles Marsh
Ed King
Beatrice Cole
Roosevelt Cole
Beatrice and Roosevelt Cole Interview, Philadelphia, MS, 8/24/1994
1EKI02.21 Newspaper Article 1994 Danny McKenzie Beckwith Conviction Has Changed Views About Mississippi
1EKI02.06 Newspaper Article 1994 Mitchell Landsberg Beckwith Didn't Testify at Own Trial
1EKI02.04 Newspaper Article 1994 Sarah Campbell Beckwith Jurors see rifle; dead, ill witnesses 'speak'
1EKI02.20 Newspaper Article 1994 Unknown Beckwith Verdict: It's Never Too Late to Find Justice
1EK56.01b Magazine Article 1960 Lillian Smith Behind the Sit-Ins
1EK56.44 Magazine Issue 1963
Joseph A. Buckles
Martin Deppe
Behold December 1963 Issue
1EK56.33 Newspaper Article 1964 Unknown Belhaven Closed to the "Public"
3FN03.03f Magazine Article 1966
Fred A. Alexander
John F. Alexander
Benefits of Integration: A Great Door
5SB05.52 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown Best Known CR Leader: Vows Marches Will Continue
1EK78.31 Newspaper Article 1964 Louis Cassels Bethesda Minister Outlines Voter Mission in Mississippi
1JL06.03 Newspaper Article 1993 Unknown Bigger Congressional Black Caucus Plays Hardball With the President
1EKI16.08 Document Sally Rugaber Bigotry Recrucifies Christ, Selah Says
1EKI16.09 Newspaper Article Sally Rugaber Bigotry Recrucifies Christ, Selah Says
1EK66.01 Document 1967 Unknown Biographical Sketch of Jeannette King
1FH04.02e Document 1968 Unknown Biography of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer
1FH04.02c Document 1966 Unknown Biography: Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer