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1EK56.01i Magazine Article 1960
Alfred Hassler
William Robert Miller
Fellowship: Peace Information Edition, "Polaris Action" Begins Anti-War Campaign
3WC08.05 Magazine Article 1993 Timothy George "'Cause I Was Called, You Fool!"
1EK38.01 Document 1966 Howard Spencer "Church '65 - '70" - Letter from Howard Spencer
1EKI12.03 Document 1963 Ed King "Goals: Confrontation Strategies."
1EKI19.11 Letter 1963
Elmer E. Dickson
Joseph A. Buckles
Donald E. Walden
Gerald E. Forshey
"Help" From Joe, Don, Jerry and Elmer to the Methodist Ministers of Chicago
1BM03.02 Magazine Article 1964
James Atwater
Lynn Pelham
"If We Can Crack Mississippi...": At the Risk of Their Lives, Hundreds of Northern Students Are Challenging the Heart of the Deep South
3WC04.03 Book Chapter 1970 John Egerton "John Lewis," from A Mind to Stay Here
1EKI19.19 Newspaper Article 1963 Herblock "Keep Christmas in Your Own Way and Let Me Keep it in Mine"
1JL06.05 Newspaper Article 1993 David Zurawik "March to Freedom": An Outstanding Hour For Local Television
1FH11.07 Book Chapter 1990
Charles Payne
Guida West
"Men Led, but Women Organized:" Movement Participation of Women in the Mississippi Delta
1EK55.01 Document 1963 Julie Zaugg "Minutes" Tougaloo Movement, Fall 1963
5SB05.11 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown "Not Guilty" Bowers Plea At Collins
1EK56.38 Document 1963 Unknown "On Our Knees": The Story of the Jackson Church Visits
5SB05.60 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown "Rights" Forces Push Boycott
6MG17.05 Document 1997 Paul Gaston "Sitting In" in the 'Sixties: A Historian's Memoir
1CSH04.08 Journal Article 1960 George D. Younger "Success" and "Failure" in Inner-City Churches
1EK46.02 Document 1964 Ed King "The Canton Road"
1EKI19.06b Newspaper Article 1963 Galen B. Ogden "They Will Not Be Denied"
1FH04.02b Flyer 1964 Fannie Lou Hamer "We Want Ours Now!"
1EKI32.08 Newspaper Article 1964 Herblock "What Are You Guys-A Bunch of Atheistic Communists or Something?"
3WC04.02 Book Chapter 1970 John Egerton "Will Campbell," from A Mind to Stay Here
1EK67.06 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown $173 Fine Given to Prof. Nesmith
1EK82.16 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown $5,000 Reward Offer Made As Youth Shot
5SB05.16 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown 'Break' Brings 12 Indictments
1EKI30.05 Newspaper Article 1964 Kelso Sturgeon 'Freedom Party' Makes Plans for Challenge at Convention
1C/S04.01 Newspaper Article 1965 W. C. Shoemaker 'Freedom' Project Opens at Edwards
1EKI28.01 Magazine Article 1964 James Atwater 'If We Can Crack Mississippi...'
1EKI02.09 Newspaper Article 1994 Jerry Mitchell 'Mississippi is Free at Last' with Conviction
1EK56.32 Newspaper Article 1964 Johnny RAB 'Naw. We don't need accredited colleges': A Satirical Reprint from The Rabble Underground (Untitled Document)
1EK56.19 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 'Non-Violents' Halted on Way to Jackson
1EKI05.10 Newspaper Article 1962 Herblock 'We Don't Want ANY Outside Interference'
1EKI19.36b Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 12 Arrested at Churches Here Sunday
1EKI19.36a Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 12 Arrested at Churches in Jackson
5SB05.47 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown 14 of 16 Arrested
1EK70.02 Document 1963
Marvin A. Franklin
Ed King
151st Session Mississippi Annual Conference: Galloway Memorial Methodist Church
5SB05.87 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown 16 Plead Not Guilty
1EK80.01b Document 1962 The Student Interracial Ministry Committee 1962 Summer Report
1EK80.06 Document 1963 Unknown 1963 Student Interracial Ministry
1EKI19.23 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 2 Area Co-Eds Freed on Bail in Mississippi
1EK82.04 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 2 White Men Lead Crowd
1EK67.03 Newspaper Article 1960 Dick Hines 20 Post Appeal Bonds in Disorderly Conduct
1EK81.02 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 24-Hour Watch Posted at Steel City Churches: Seeking to Minimize Dangers of Bombing
1EK82.08 Newspaper Article 1963 Claude Sitton 27 Are Arrested in Jackson Riots After Evers Rite
1EK83.01c Newspaper Article 1964 Unknown 3 Women Challenge House Seating: Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, Mrs. Annie Devine, Mrs. Victoria Gray
2KF04.01 Newspaper Article 1972 Eleanor Blau 30-Year-Old Christian Commune in Georgia Thrives Under Adversity
1EK82.12 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 35 Are Jailed in Danville, Va., As Negroes Defy Protest Ban
1EKI19.25 Newspaper Article 1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman 4 Chicago Area Ministers in Dixie Integration Effort
5SB05.148 Newspaper Article 1968 Unknown 4 Dahmer Defendants Post Bonds, Out of Jail
1EKI19.38 Newspaper Article 1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman 4 Pastors Arrested in Dixie
1EK67.02 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown 50 Hymn-Singing Students Parade in Rain on Campus