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1EK59.07 Document 1963 Unknown 67-Year-Old Minister Held in Atlanta Jail: Sentence Faces Court Test
1EKI19.37 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 7 Chicagoans Arrested at Dixie Church
3FN02.01c Magazine Article 1965 Anobel Armour A Boy and His Hymnbook
1EKI20.14a Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown A Brief Look at the Top News
1EK67.09 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown A Brief Look at the Top News
1EKI02.12 Newspaper Article 1994 Joe Atkins A Conviction of Beckwith Won't Make Mississippi Look Any Better
1EK78.04 Magazine Article 1965 Janet Harbison A Costly Ministry
1EK56.44g Magazine Article 1963 Phillip M. Dripps A Critique and a Proposal
1EK67.14 Newspaper Article 1960 Ray Jenkins A Futile Prosecution
1EKI02.11 Newspaper Article 1994 Sid Salter A Guilty Verdict Won't Alter Image: Racism Remains Potent Part of Mississippi Politics Whether Beckwith is Convicted or Not
1CSH02.08 Book 1971 Richard Aubrey McLemore A History of Mississippi Baptists, 1780-1970
3CJ05.15 Letter 1963 George Gordh A Letter to Amaziah
1CSE04.04 Document 1966 Fay D. Bellamy A Little Old Report
1CSE03.04 Book Section 1983 Robert J. Blanton A Look at the Alumni
1EK56.01g Magazine Article 1960 Edmund G. Brown A Matter of Conviction
1EKI19.09c Document 1963 Medford Evans A Methodist Declaration of Conscience on Racial Segregation
3WC04.01 Book 1970 John Egerton A Mind to Stay Here: Profiles from the South
5KKK02.01 Newspaper Article 1966 Arlie Schardt A Mississippi Mayor Fights the Klan
1JL05.01a Magazine Article 1976
Jim Sessions
Sue Thrasher
John Lewis
A New Day Begun
1EKI05.06a Newspaper Article 1954 Unknown A Parson's Jackassery
1CSE01.09 Newspaper Article 1965 Rick Stevens A Poem...Feelings
1CSH04.18 Document 1964 Unknown A Program for the Student Voice, Inc.
1FH01.03 Book Section 1992 Ed King A Prophet from the Delta
1FH11.02f Magazine Article 1982 L. C. Dorsey A Prophet Who Believed
1EK78.32 Document 1963 Unknown A Resolution Stating the Policy of the Mississippi Association of Methodist Ministers and Laymen on Racial Integration Within the Church
5MR08.01 Flyer 1954 Tom P. Brady A Review of Black Monday
1CSE03.02 Book Section 1983 Robert J. Blanton A Review of the Second Twenty-Five Years
1EK80.01g Document 1962 Douglas Renick A Southern Student Evaluates
1EK56.44e Magazine Article 1963 Council of Bishops of the Methodist Church A Statement by the Council of Bishops
1EK56.21 Document 1964
Van Bogard Dunn
A. Jeffrey Hopper
Paul M. Minus Jr.
Everett Tilson
A Statement Prepared by Van Bogard Dunn, A. Jeffrey Hopper, Paul M. Minus Jr., and Everett Tilson
5KT01.01 Document 1962 Ross Barnett A Statewide Address on Television and Radio to the People of Mississippi by Governor Ross R. Barnett 7:30 P.M. September 13, 1962
2SNC29.05 Magazine Article 2000 Amy Sherman A Survey of Church-Government Anti-poverty Partnerships
1CSE03.03 Book Section 1983 Robert J. Blanton A Survey of the Last Thirty-Five Years
1EK56.07 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown A Visiting Newsman's Guide
3FN03.02e Magazine Article 1966 Tom Skinner A White Man's Religion
1EK80.01e Document 1962 S. Collins Kilburn A White Minister Reports
1EK80.01h Document 1962 Unknown Acknowledgment
1FH03.07 Letter 1965 Ada Jackson Ada Jackson to Fannie Lou Hamer
1BM04.01 Document 1962 Unknown Addendum No. I to Instructions to Special Hearing Officers for the Department of Justice in Conscientious-Objector Matters
1EKI05.21b Booklet 1964 Jerry Falwell Advancing Through Prayer
1EK56.10 Document 1963 Unknown Affidavit of Rev. Ralph Edwin King
1EK56.06 Document 1963
Ed King
Jack H. Young
Carsie A Hall
Agreement of Retainer
1EK82.25 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Air Base in Georgia Plans Integrated School in Fall
5SB02.03 Newspaper Issue 1994 Unknown Albuquerque Journal June 26, 1994 Issue
5SB05.33 Newspaper Article 1968 Eliott Chaze Alleged Kleagle Goes On Trial: First Case for 12 Men
1EK78.33 Document 1963 Unknown Amendment Presented by Dr. Robert Mayo, Hinds Jr. College, to Resolutions
1EKI04.05 Document 1996 Unknown American Civ. Liber. Union of Miss., Inc. vs. King
1EK47.01 Journal Article 1954 O.W. Howard Among Colored Folks
1C/S01.08 Newspaper Article 1982 Gerald Fraser Amzie Moore, 1960's Leader For Voting Registration, Dies
1EK78.29 Magazine Article 1964 Christopher S. Wren An "Insider" Stays to Fight