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1C/S03.35 Document 1964 Unknown The Delta Ministry
1C/S03.37 Document 1964 Unknown Untitled Delta Ministry Document
1C/S03.38 Flyer 1965 Delta Ministry Are you Poor? Are you Out of a Job?
1FH01.01 Journal Article 1965
J.H. O'Dell
Fannie Lou Hamer
Life in Mississippi: An Interview with Fannie Lou Hamer
1EKI04.01 Newspaper Article 1996 Jerry Mitchell Court Orders Spy Agency Files Opened
1EKI05.01 Document 1963 Central Jurisdiction Study Committee (Committee of Five) Central Jurisdiction Speaks
1JL02.01 Journal Article 1988
Vicki Quade
John Lewis
Where did the Civil Rights Movement Go Wrong?
1JL03.01 Journal Article 1988 Nicolaus Mills Heard and Unheard Speeches: What Really Happened at the March on Washington?
1BM03.01 Journal Article 1961 Frank Holloway Travel Notes from a Deep South Tourist
1CSE05.01 Letter 1966 Cleveland Sellers Letter from Cleveland Sellers to Central Committee Members
1CSE05.03 Letter 1964 Cleveland Sellers Holly Springs Project--Letters from Cleveland Sellers to Jesse Morris and Jim Forman
1EKI04.04 Letter 1996 Unknown Native Mississippian to William H. Barbour
1EKI05.02a Newspaper Article 1954 Unknown Methodist Leaders Fight Integration
1EKI05.02b Newspaper Article 1956 Unknown Sad Day for Methodism
1EKI05.06a Newspaper Article 1954 Unknown A Parson's Jackassery
1EKI05.03a Newspaper Article Unknown Methodists Vote to Keep Segregation
1JL02.02 Journal Article 1988 Charles F. Holman III Racial, Religious Hate: Is it Growing?
1JL02.03 Journal Article 1988 Karen O'Connor She Shall Overcome
1EKI05.04a Newspaper Article 1956 Unknown Franklin Hails Church Actions, Methodist Leaders of State Pleased
1EKI05.04b Newspaper Article 1956 Unknown Untitled Newspaper Article - Rabbi Harry Halpern's Support of Integration
1EKI05.05 Newspaper Article 1956 George W. Cornell Methodists Agree on Racial Policy
1EKI05.03b Newspaper Article 1958 Unknown Jackson Bishop Gets New Honor, Named President-Designate Of Worldwide Bishop Council
2SNC29.05 Magazine Article 2000 Amy Sherman A Survey of Church-Government Anti-poverty Partnerships
1CSE05.02 Letter 1965 Cleveland Sellers Letter from Cleveland Sellers to Susie Morgan
2SNC29.06 Magazine Article 2000 Joe Loconte The Chicago Compromise
5KKK08.01 Magazine 1965 Unknown The Delta Review
7INT13 Interview 1993
Charles Marsh
Duncan Gray
Duncan Gray Interview
7INT28 Interview 1964
Fannie Lou Hamer
Fannie Lou Hamer Interview Conducted by Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Worker - 1964
7INT27 Interview
Fannie Lou Hamer
Fannie Lou Hamer Interview Conducted by Unknown Man
7INT24 Interview 1993
Charles Marsh
Will Campbell
Will Campbell Interview, 7/6/1993
1C/S05.01 Document 1962
Student Interracial Ministry
Philip D. Brown
Douglas Renick
Samuel Varner
Ralph Luker
William G. Myers
James Forbes
Bonnie Cox
Harold W. Smith
Max Case
Roger Olemacher
Hank Elkins
Kent Organ
Klaus Schmidt
J. Grant Swank
Student Interracial Ministry: Mid-Summer Report
1FH01.02 Book Section 1990
Henry Hampton
Steve Fayer
Sarah Flynn
Mississippi Freedom: Summer, 1964: "Representation and the Right to Participate"
1FH01.03 Book Section 1992 Ed King A Prophet from the Delta
1FH01.04 Book Chapter 1983 Howell Raines Fannie Lou Hamer
1C/S03.39 Document 1966 Delta Ministry Delta Ministry Reports...Greenville Air Base: What Happened, and Why
1C/S04.06 Letter 1965 G. Dean Zimmermann G. Dean Zimmermann to Governor Paul Johnson
1C/S04.03 Document 1964 Unknown Re: Jackson Case #J-64-5-2-U
1C/S03.34 Document 1966 Erle Johnston, Jr. Mississippi Delta Ministry (a division of the National Council of Churches).
7INT30 Document 1964
Ed King
David Dennis
Eulogies for James Chaney - August 7, 1964
1C/S03.09 Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Kick, Screams, Obscenities Highlighted Forced Eviction
1C/S03.10 Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Delta Ministry May Be Behind Seizure At Base
1C/S04.02b Newspaper Article 1964 M. S. Handler Mississippi Faces Drive for Rights: 1,000 Students Expected to Work in the Project
1C/S04.02c Magazine Article 1964 Unknown Mississippi: Allen's Army
1C/S03.17b Newspaper Article 1965 The Associated Press Head Start Staff May Quit Posts
1C/S03.30 Newspaper Article 1965 Nicholas Von Hoffman Delta Ministry's Role Loses Friend
1C/S03.12 Newspaper Article 1966 Kenneth Tolliver Untitled Newspaper Article - Civil Rights Workers Invade Greenville Air Force Base
1C/S03.19 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Shriver Denies U.S. Funds Used to Bail CR Agitators
1C/S03.20 Newspaper Article 1965 Holmes Alexander Shriver Attempts to Block Misuses
1C/S03.22 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Irregularities Found in Head Start Records: Misuse of Funds May Total $300,000
1C/S03.23 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Mt. Beulah Funds Donated to SNCC