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1EKI14.01 Document Ed King Woolworth's Lunch Counter Sit-In
1FH01.06 Document Unknown Cassette Transcription: Tom Dent Collection
1EKI05.03a Newspaper Article Unknown Methodists Vote to Keep Segregation
7INT27 Interview
Fannie Lou Hamer
Fannie Lou Hamer Interview Conducted by Unknown Man
1EK40.25 Document Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section XVIII, "Epistles"
1FH08.03 Letter Fannie Lou Hamer Letter from Fannie Lou Hamer to Unknown Person
1FH04.14 Document Unknown Economic and Training Needs Mississippi Delta
1FH12.01 Document Amistad Research Center Fannie Lou Hamer 1917-1977: Papers, 1966-1978, n.d.: Register
1FH12.02 Document Unknown Campbell (Clarice T.) Papers
1FH12.03 Document Amistad Research Center Fannie Lou Hamer 1917-1977: Papers, 1966-1978, n.d.: Register
1FH13.01 Newspaper Article Unknown Hamer Raps
1EKI01.01 Document Ed King Ed King Curriculum Vitae
1EKI01.02 Document Ed King Curriculum Vitae: Edwin King: Civil Rights Work in 1960s, Summary
1EKI02.23 Document Ed King Project Description: The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
1EKI32.01 Newspaper Article Unknown New Location Acquired by Holy Trinity
1EKI32.04 Newspaper Article Unknown Mixing Issue Causes Church to Withdraw
4CM01.01 Document Charles Marsh Dahmer Murder and the Response of the Church, Field Notes
1EKI08.01 Document Ed King Ed King Notes
1EKI13.01 Document Ed King Herrons & Beloved Community
1EKI16.01 Document Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section II, "Church in Prison"
1EKI16.02 Document Ed King Returning Home
1EKI16.03 Document Ed King The Minister & the Church & the Struggle to Come (Untitled Document)
1EKI16.04 Document Ed King Traffic Accident & Hospital Stay (Untitled Document)
1EKI16.05 Document Ed King Ed King Reflects on His Return to Mississippi
1EKI16.07 Document Ed King Part IV: "Winter Spring 1963"
1EKI16.08 Document Sally Rugaber Bigotry Recrucifies Christ, Selah Says
1EKI16.09 Newspaper Article Sally Rugaber Bigotry Recrucifies Christ, Selah Says
1EKI16.10 Newspaper Article Charles M. Hills Satterfield Charges: CR Commission Ferments Friction
1EKI16.13 Document Ed King Section from Manuscript on Mississippi Movement
1EKI16.14 Document Ed King Failure of Campaign to Open White Churches, Rise of Black Militancy & Separatism, Confusion about Nonviolence & Christian Love
1EKI16.15 Document Ed King Testimony from Mt. Zion
1EKI16.16 Document Ed King Vicksburg: Family Funeral
1EKI16.17 Document Ed King Midnight in the Delta - Terror
1EKI16.18 Document Ed King The Silent Fifties: McCarthyism and Racism; White Resistance; Black Resistance
1EKI16.19 Document Ed King New Governor and New Words; SNCC Style and Old Religion
1EKI16.20 Document Ed King Mississippi: The White Church and Social Crisis
5KKK01.03 Flyer R. E. Davis Fifty Reasons Why You Should Be A Member of the Original Ku Klux Klan
5KKK01.05 Document Unknown List of White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi
1EKI19.20 Document Leanne Marks She Cared Enough to Go to Jail
5KKK04.01 Letter Ku Klux Klan (KKK) The Nocturnal Messenger
2SNC04.01 Document Unknown Overview of the Freedom Schools
1EKI19.28 Newspaper Article Unknown United Church Acts to End Segregation
1EKI19.32 Newspaper Article Unknown Clergymen Appealing Arrests to U.S. Court
1EKI19.40 Newspaper Article Joe Collier No Negroes in Their Churches
1EKI19.47 Document Marvin A. Franklin The Challenge
1EKI20.01 Document Ed King Reality of Change (Untitled Document)
1EKI20.04 Document Ed King Ed King Notes (Untitled Document)
1EKI20.05 Document Charles Marsh Ed King Notes (Untitled Document)
1EKI20.09 Document Unknown Notes on MFDP, Sam Bowers and Fannie Lou Hamer (Untitled Document)
1EKI24.01 Document Ed King Jackson Movement: May - June 1964 (Untitled Document)