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1EK80.04c Magazine Article 1962 Unknown Cartoon: "An Individual Who Would Not Kill, Becomes a Killer When Venom Stirred in the Cauldron of Intolerance creates Mob Violence"
1EK80.04d Magazine Article 1962 Arthur Gilbert Letter to the Editor from Rabbi Arthur Gilbert
1BM04.01 Document 1962 Unknown Addendum No. I to Instructions to Special Hearing Officers for the Department of Justice in Conscientious-Objector Matters
1BM04.02 Document 1962 Unknown Resume of the Inquiry Re: Robert Parris Moses Conscientious Objector
1EKI15.01 Document 1963 Ed King Birmingham Funerals
1C/S01.04 Letter 1963 Anne Braden Anne Braden to Joan C. Browning, 3/13/1963
1EKI05.01 Document 1963 Central Jurisdiction Study Committee (Committee of Five) Central Jurisdiction Speaks
1FH08.04 Letter 1963 Fanie Lou Hamer Letter from Fannie Lou Hamer Seeking Support
1FH08.07 Document 1963 Unknown Hamer Campaign Biography Materials
1EKI05.13 Newspaper Article 1963 Eli Hochstedler Letters to the Editor: GC Transfer Joins Civil Rights Move
1EKI12.03 Document 1963 Ed King "Goals: Confrontation Strategies."
1EK50.01 Document 1963 Ed King COFO Office
1EKI19.18c Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Pastors, 2 Co-eds Get Bail in Dixie
1EKI16.06 Document 1963 Ed King Excerpts from Manuscript on Jackson Movement
1EKI16.11 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Chamber President Backs Integration
1EKI16.12 Document 1963 Ed King Statement by the Rev. R. Edwin King, Chaplain of Tougaloo Southern Christian College
1EKI19.18b Newspaper Article 1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman Methodist-EUB Merger Plan Imperiled by Racial Strife
1EKI19.06d Document 1963 Ed King Church - Fed Court Notes
1EKI19.01 Document 1963 Unknown Carpool Sheet
1EKI19.02 Document 1963 Unknown Note Regarding Trespassing Ticket from Lay Officer of a Church
1EKI19.03 Document 1963
Ed King
Bette Poole
Julie Zaugg
Ida Catherine Hannah
Summary Report on Arrests at Methodist Church in Jackson, Miss.
1EKI19.04 Document 1963
John F. Baggett
Philip M. Dripps
Christian Unity, The Methodist Church and Jackson, Mississippi
1EKI19.06a Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Tougaloo Trio Jailed in Miss.
1EKI19.07 Document 1963 Unknown Notes on Request for Clarification in the Church (Untitled Document)
1EKI19.08 Document 1963 Eli Hochstedler Report on Events of October 27, 1963 (Untitled Document)
1EKI19.09 Document 1963 Various Sermons at Broadmeadow Methodist Church, Capitol Street Methodist Church, etc.
1EKI19.10 Letter 1963 Gerald E. Forshey Gerald Forshey to Bishop Brashares
1EKI19.11 Letter 1963
Elmer E. Dickson
Joseph A. Buckles
Donald E. Walden
Gerald E. Forshey
"Help" From Joe, Don, Jerry and Elmer to the Methodist Ministers of Chicago
1EKI19.12 Document 1963 Unknown Report on the Strongs (Untitled Document)
1EKI19.09a Document 1963 Charles Duke Sermon at Broadmeadow Methodist Church
1EKI19.09b Document 1963 Roy C. Clark Sermon at Capitol Street Methodist Church: "Coming to Grips with the Real Issue"
1EKI19.09c Document 1963 Medford Evans A Methodist Declaration of Conscience on Racial Segregation
1EKI19.09d Document 1963 Jimmy Ward Quotes Taken From the Editor's Column of the Jackson Daily News
1EKI19.06b Newspaper Article 1963 Galen B. Ogden "They Will Not Be Denied"
1EKI19.06c Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Dayton Clergy Rally to Aid of Negro Family
1EKI19.06 Newspaper 1963 Various The Interchurch News, November 1963
5MR10.01 Newspaper 1963 Bill Coppebager Thompson Urges White Boycott
1EKI19.13 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Chicago Clergyman and 3 Co-eds Turned Away by Mississippi Church
1EKI19.14 Newspaper Article 1963 The Associated Press Church Mixing Blocked: Ushers Bar Way of Two Bishops at Service Here
1EKI19.16a Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown We Shall Vote for Freedom
1EKI19.16b Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Girls Kneel-Ins: Path to Church Leads 3 to Jail
1EKI19.18a Newspaper Article 1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman Church Integration Effort in Mississippi: Pro and Con
1EKI19.19 Newspaper Article 1963 Herblock "Keep Christmas in Your Own Way and Let Me Keep it in Mine"
1EKI19.21 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown They Went to Church--So 2 Chicago Co-eds Get Year in Dixie Jail
1EKI19.17a Magazine Article 1963 Unknown Congress' Fateful Decision
1EKI19.22 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Galloway Layman's Day Talk by Harmon
1EKI19.17b Magazine Article 1963 Denies Right to go to Church
1EKI19.23 Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown 2 Area Co-Eds Freed on Bail in Mississippi
1EKI19.24a Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Co-eds' Conviction in Church Incident Tragic: Brashares
1EKI19.24b Newspaper Article 1963 Unknown Mississippi Ban on Integrated Worship Fought