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1EK58.21 Document 1964 Ed King Jackson Movement, Spring 1963: Part XIV-A Church Visits
1EK59.04 Document 1963 G.R. Weaver Notes on the Consultation on Jackson Mississippi Held on October 31, 1963 in New York City
1EK59.05 Document 1963 Galen R. Weaver List of Persons Present at Jackson, Mississippi Meeting Held in New York City at 815 Second Avenue on October 31, 1963
1EK59.06 Document 1963
Charles Morton
James D. Nixon
Statement: Visit to Capital Street Methodist Church (Untitled Document)
1EK59.07 Document 1963 Unknown 67-Year-Old Minister Held in Atlanta Jail: Sentence Faces Court Test
1EK59.08 Document 1963 Unknown Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc.
1EK59.10 Document 1963 Unknown Three Tougaloo College Students Arrested Trying to Attend Church, Spark Crusade to Open Churches (Untitled Document)
1EK59.20 Document 1963 Julie Zaugg Statement by Julie Zaugg When Arrested (Untitled Document)
1EK59.21 Document 1963 Donald E. Hall Statement of Arrest at St. Luke's Methodist Church, Jackson, Mississippi
1EK59.23 Document 1963 Unknown Church Visits Assessment (Untitled Document)
1EK63.02 Document 1963 Unknown Diary Entry by Student on the Church Visits Campaign of Protest (Untitled Document)
1EK63.03 Document 1963 Unknown Notes on the Church Visits Campaign of Protest(Untitled Document)
1Ek63.04 Document 1963 Unknown List of Addresses for the Church Visits Campaign(Untitled Document)
1EK64.03 Document 1960 John M. Mecartney Will "Pray-Ins" Follow "Sit-Ins"?
1EK66.01 Document 1967 Unknown Biographical Sketch of Jeannette King
1EK67.17 Document 1960 Ed King Request for Extension of Deadlines Due to Trial: From Ed King to Boston University School of Theology (Untitled Document)
1EK67.32 Document 1960 Unknown Notes on Activism and Violence(Untitled Document)
1EK68.08 Document 1955 Ed King Minutes from the Intercollegiate Fellowship Meeting, November 1955
1EK68.11 Document 1955 Unknown Minutes from the Intercollegiate Fellowship Meetings, December 1955 and January 1956
1EK68.12 Document 1955 R.S. Lyells Business Card, Mrs. R.S. Lyells
1EK70.02 Document 1963
Marvin A. Franklin
Ed King
151st Session Mississippi Annual Conference: Galloway Memorial Methodist Church
1EK70.19 Document 1963 Jeannette King King Family Christmas Letter(Untitled Document)
1EK70.20 Document 1963 Unknown Note from a Negro in BOMBingham, Alabama(Untitled Document)
1EK71.02 Document 1963 Unknown Notes from a COFO Meeting (Untitled Document)
1EK73.01 Document 1962 Ed King Methodist Church and Ministry Conference (Part II): Letter
1EK76.01 Document 1954 Mrs. William Cottles, Sr. God Versus Segregation
1EK77.01 Document 1949 Milton Mayer The Jim Crow Christ
1EK78.13 Document 1963 Roger E. Klemz Statement From Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Barring African Americans From Attending Services
1EK78.15 Document 1963 Unknown Some Suggested Revisions of Scripture for Use in Galloway Memorial and Capitol Street Methodist Churches in Jackson, Mississippi, and Others of Similar Ilk
1EK78.32 Document 1963 Unknown A Resolution Stating the Policy of the Mississippi Association of Methodist Ministers and Laymen on Racial Integration Within the Church
1EK78.33 Document 1963 Unknown Amendment Presented by Dr. Robert Mayo, Hinds Jr. College, to Resolutions
1EK79.01 Document 1961 W.B. Selah Brotherhood: A Sermon by Dr. W.B. Selah, Minister
1EK80.01 Document 1962 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry 1962
1EK80.01a Document 1962 Unknown Statement of Purpose of the Student Interracial Ministry Project
1EK80.01b Document 1962 The Student Interracial Ministry Committee 1962 Summer Report
1EK80.01c Document 1962 Unknown Table of Contents: Student Interracial Ministry
1EK80.01d Document 1962 Roger L. Shinn The Student Interracial Ministry: A Venture of Faith
1EK80.01e Document 1962 S. Collins Kilburn A White Minister Reports
1EK80.01f Document 1962 J. Oscar McCloud Words From a Negro Pastor
1EK80.01g Document 1962 Douglas Renick A Southern Student Evaluates
1EK80.01h Document 1962 Unknown Acknowledgment
1EK80.01i Document 1962 Unknown Participation in the Student Interracial Ministry
1EK80.01j Document 1962 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry Committee Expenditures and Projected Budget for 1963
1EK80.02 Document 1963 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry February 1963 Newsletter
1EK80.02a Document 1963 Unknown Progress on the 1963 Student Interracial Ministry Project
1EK80.02b Document 1963 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry Church Agreement
1Ek80.03 Document 1962 Robert Seymour Interracial Ministry in North Carolina
1EK80.06 Document 1963 Unknown 1963 Student Interracial Ministry
1EK80.06a Document 1963 Unknown The Student Interracial Ministry: 1960 to 1964
1EK80.06b Document 1963 Unknown Students Report From the Summer of 1963