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1EKI16.17 Document Ed King Midnight in the Delta - Terror
1EKI16.18 Document Ed King The Silent Fifties: McCarthyism and Racism; White Resistance; Black Resistance
1EKI16.19 Document Ed King New Governor and New Words; SNCC Style and Old Religion
1EKI16.20 Document Ed King Mississippi: The White Church and Social Crisis
1EKI19.06d Document 1963 Ed King Church - Fed Court Notes
1EKI19.01 Document 1963 Unknown Carpool Sheet
1EKI19.02 Document 1963 Unknown Note Regarding Trespassing Ticket from Lay Officer of a Church
1EKI19.03 Document 1963
Ed King
Bette Poole
Julie Zaugg
Ida Catherine Hannah
Summary Report on Arrests at Methodist Church in Jackson, Miss.
1EKI19.04 Document 1963
John F. Baggett
Philip M. Dripps
Christian Unity, The Methodist Church and Jackson, Mississippi
1EKI19.07 Document 1963 Unknown Notes on Request for Clarification in the Church (Untitled Document)
1EKI19.08 Document 1963 Eli Hochstedler Report on Events of October 27, 1963 (Untitled Document)
1EKI19.09 Document 1963 Various Sermons at Broadmeadow Methodist Church, Capitol Street Methodist Church, etc.
1EKI19.12 Document 1963 Unknown Report on the Strongs (Untitled Document)
1EKI19.09a Document 1963 Charles Duke Sermon at Broadmeadow Methodist Church
1EKI19.09b Document 1963 Roy C. Clark Sermon at Capitol Street Methodist Church: "Coming to Grips with the Real Issue"
1EKI19.09c Document 1963 Medford Evans A Methodist Declaration of Conscience on Racial Segregation
1EKI19.09d Document 1963 Jimmy Ward Quotes Taken From the Editor's Column of the Jackson Daily News
1EKI19.09e Document 1964 Unknown Excerpts from a Sermon by a Mississippi Methodist Minister
5KKK01.05 Document Unknown List of White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi
1EKI19.20 Document Leanne Marks She Cared Enough to Go to Jail
2SNC04.01 Document Unknown Overview of the Freedom Schools
2SNC44.01 Document 1964 David M. Spain M.D. Post Mortem Examination Report of the Body of James Chaney
2SNC44.01 Document 1964 David M. Spain M.D. Post Mortem Examination Report of the Body of James Chaney
5KT01.01 Document 1962 Ross Barnett A Statewide Address on Television and Radio to the People of Mississippi by Governor Ross R. Barnett 7:30 P.M. September 13, 1962
2HK28.01 Document 1932 Howard Kester The Interracial Situation
5DH05.01 Document 1964 Jim Newton Baptists Challenged To Improve Race Scene
1EKI19.47 Document Marvin A. Franklin The Challenge
1EKI20.01 Document Ed King Reality of Change (Untitled Document)
1EKI20.04 Document Ed King Ed King Notes (Untitled Document)
1EKI20.05 Document Charles Marsh Ed King Notes (Untitled Document)
1EKI20.06 Document 1963 Pharis J. Harvey Ecumenical Volunteer Service Project Leaders' Report
1EKI20.09 Document Unknown Notes on MFDP, Sam Bowers and Fannie Lou Hamer (Untitled Document)
1EKI24.01 Document Ed King Jackson Movement: May - June 1964 (Untitled Document)
1EKI25.01 Document Ed King Winter, Spring 1964 Life in Mississippi XIX "The Canton Road"
1EKI27.01 Document 1964 Unknown Prospectus for the Mississippi Freedom Summer
1EKI29.01 Document Ed King Part IV Winter-Spring 1963 "Vicksburg"
1EKI30.03 Document Unknown Notes on MFDP (Untitled Document)
1EKI30.04 Document 1964 Unknown Freedom Democratic Party State Convention Program
1EK33.01 Document Ed King Rifle Squads in the Beloved Community
1EK34.01 Document Ed King Sixties and Sit-ins
1EK36.01 Document 1964 Mississippi's Metaphysical Mystics
1EK35.01 Document Ed King Mississippi Life "Church"
1EK37.01 Document 1964 Ed King Summer Plan 1964
1EK38.02 Document John Lewis An Emergency Appeal to Southern College Students
1EK38.01 Document 1966 Howard Spencer "Church '65 - '70" - Letter from Howard Spencer
1EK38.03 Document 1966
Howard Spencer
John B. Garner
Letter from Howard Spencer and John Garner to Methodist Bishops
1EK38.04 Document 1965 Howard Spencer The Church in Mississippi -- the last stronghold of white supremacy
1EK38.05 Document 1965 Bruce L. Williams It Happened in Jackson
1EK38.10 Document 1969 Edward J. Pendergrass Information about "Ordered Desegregation of Public Schools" and the Use of Church Property for Private Schools
1EK38.11 Document Charles C. Wiggers Letter to Members and Congregation of First United Methodist Church, Clarksdale, Miss.