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1BM01.01 Magazine Issue 1994 Unknown Emerge June 1994 Issue
1BM01.01a Magazine Article 1994
Jimmie Briggs
Bob Moses
Doug Mindell
Dialogue with Bob Moses: Architect of the 1964 Freedom Summer
1BM02.09 Letter 1960 Jane Stembridge Letter from Jane Stembridge to W.J. Faulkner (08/08/1960)
1BM02.10 Letter 1960 Marion S. Barry, Jr. Letter from Marion S. Barry, Jr. to Martin Luther King, Jr. (10/28/1960)
1BM02.11 Magazine Article 1961 Unknown Letter from Glenn E. Smiley to Edward B. King, Jr. (01/17/1961)
1BM02.12 Magazine Article 1960 Unknown Letter from Jane Stembridge to H.H. Sissel (07/22/1960)
1BM02.15 Letter 1960 Unknown Letter from Jane Stembridge to Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth (08/11/1960)
1BM02.16 Letter 1960 Jonathan Schwartz Letter from Jonathan Schwartz to SNCC (08/12/1960)
1BM02.17 Letter 1960 Marrion Barry Letter from Marion S. Barry, Jr. to Jonathan Schwartz (08/06/1960)
1BM03.01 Journal Article 1961 Frank Holloway Travel Notes from a Deep South Tourist
1BM03.02 Magazine Article 1964
James Atwater
Lynn Pelham
"If We Can Crack Mississippi...": At the Risk of Their Lives, Hundreds of Northern Students Are Challenging the Heart of the Deep South
1BM03.03 Magazine Article 1965 George Ballis Moses of Mississippi Raises Some Universal Questions
1BM04.01 Document 1962 Unknown Addendum No. I to Instructions to Special Hearing Officers for the Department of Justice in Conscientious-Objector Matters
1BM04.02 Document 1962 Unknown Resume of the Inquiry Re: Robert Parris Moses Conscientious Objector
1BM05.01 Magazine Article 1970 Bob Moses Mississippi: 1961-1962
1C/S01.01 Letter 1950 Marion Bromley Marion Bromley to William Worthy
1C/S01.02 Document 1964 CORE Mississippi Project, '64
1C/S01.03 Letter 1964 Rita Schwerner Rita Schwerner to Anne Braden, 1/23/1964
1C/S01.04 Letter 1963 Anne Braden Anne Braden to Joan C. Browning, 3/13/1963
1C/S01.05 Letter 1962 Wyatt Tee Walker Wyatt Tee Walker to William A. Sharpe
1C/S01.06 Letter 1962 Laurie Pritchett Laurie Pritchett to Whom It May Concern
1C/S01.07 Letter 1967 C.W. Capps, Jr. C.W. Capps, Jr. to Amzie Moore
1C/S01.08 Newspaper Article 1982 Gerald Fraser Amzie Moore, 1960's Leader For Voting Registration, Dies
1C/S02.01 Document 1964 Unknown Council of Federated Organizations Records: Appendix 3: Series Identification and Description
1C/S03.01 Document 1964 Various Exhibit A - A Series of Clippings about the Delta Ministry and the Sit-In at the Greenville Air Force Base in Greenville, Mississippi
1C/S03.02 Newspaper Article 1965 Edward P. Moore Jr. Evicted Squatters Await Next Move in Greenville Row: Screaming Demonstrators Curse, Bite Air Police and Threaten Prompt Return Despite Concessions
1C/S03.03 Newspaper Article 1965 Wilson Minor COFO Civil Rights Group No Longer Exists in State
1C/S03.04 Newspaper Article 1966 Ken Tolliver Delta Ministry Linked to Invasion
1C/S03.05 Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Ministers Protest Council's Role
1C/S03.06 Newspaper Article 1966 Mary Ann Pardue Williams Raps Double Standard Law Forces
1C/S03.07 Newspaper Article 1966 Frank Van Der Linden John Bell Answers Attacks On State
1C/S03.08 Newspaper Article 1965 Edward P. Moore, Jr. Machinery Readied in Plan to Pump Dollars into Delta
1C/S03.09 Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Kick, Screams, Obscenities Highlighted Forced Eviction
1C/S03.10 Newspaper Article 1966 Unknown Delta Ministry May Be Behind Seizure At Base
1C/S03.12 Newspaper Article 1966 Kenneth Tolliver Untitled Newspaper Article - Civil Rights Workers Invade Greenville Air Force Base
1C/S03.14 Document 1964 Various Exhibit C - Questionable Morals at Southern Christian Institute Near Edwards, Mississippi (Mt. Beulah)
1C/S03.15 Newspaper Article 1965 M.L. Young Dear Editor; M.L. Young to Voice of the People
1C/S03.16 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Misuse of Money Charged by Senator
1C/S03.17a Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Levin Out as Director of Head Start
1C/S03.17b Newspaper Article 1965 The Associated Press Head Start Staff May Quit Posts
1C/S03.18 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Mt. Beulah Program Weaknesses Found
1C/S03.19 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Shriver Denies U.S. Funds Used to Bail CR Agitators
1C/S03.20 Newspaper Article 1965 Holmes Alexander Shriver Attempts to Block Misuses
1C/S03.21 Newspaper Article 1965
Robert S. Allen
Paul Scott
Anti-Poverty Funds Slip Away in Salaries, Costs
1C/S03.22 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Irregularities Found in Head Start Records: Misuse of Funds May Total $300,000
1C/S03.23 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Mt. Beulah Funds Donated to SNCC
1C/S03.24 Newspaper Article 1965 Jane Biggers Child Development Head Explains
1C/S03.25a Newspaper Article 1965 Morris Cunningham Head Start Study Questions Variance in Rentals
1C/S03.25b Newspaper Article 1965 Gordon Brown Shriver Faces Quiz by Stennis
1C/S03.26a Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown King and Reuther Backed Mt. Beulah In Original Move to Obtain Fed Funds