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1C/S03.26b Newspaper Article 1965 The Associated Press OEO Admits Misuse Of Mt. Beulah Funds
1C/S03.27 Document 1964 Various Exhibit F - A File of Educational Documents Relating to Delta Ministry's Operation in Mississippi
1C/S03.28 Magazine Article 1965 Unknown NCC Helping to Launch Mississippi Radio Unit
1C/S03.29 Newspaper Article 1965 Thatcher Walt NCC Head Says No Connection Between Delta Ministry, COFO
1C/S03.30 Newspaper Article 1965 Nicholas Von Hoffman Delta Ministry's Role Loses Friend
1C/S03.31 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Picketing Scheduled to Resume at Mill
1C/S03.32 Newspaper Article 1965 Unknown Delta Ministry's Main Function is Civil Rights: Staff Members Have Leftist Backgrounds
1C/S03.33 Newspaper Article 1964 Unknown National Council of Churches Unveils Summer Agitation Plans
1C/S03.34 Document 1966 Erle Johnston, Jr. Mississippi Delta Ministry (a division of the National Council of Churches).
1C/S03.35 Document 1964 Unknown The Delta Ministry
1C/S03.36 Document 1966 M. G. Lowman National Council of Churches in Mississippi Party Politics Offends Churchmen: Carpet-Baggers at their worst!
1C/S03.37 Document 1964 Unknown Untitled Delta Ministry Document
1C/S03.38 Flyer 1965 Delta Ministry Are you Poor? Are you Out of a Job?
1C/S03.39 Document 1966 Delta Ministry Delta Ministry Reports...Greenville Air Base: What Happened, and Why
1C/S03.40 Letter 1967 Unknown Notice Regarding the Freedom College (Untitled Document)
1C/S04.01 Newspaper Article 1965 W. C. Shoemaker 'Freedom' Project Opens at Edwards
1C/S04.02a Letter 1964 Bob Moses Robert P. Moses to Julian Bond
1C/S04.02b Newspaper Article 1964 M. S. Handler Mississippi Faces Drive for Rights: 1,000 Students Expected to Work in the Project
1C/S04.02c Magazine Article 1964 Unknown Mississippi: Allen's Army
1C/S04.03 Document 1964 Unknown Re: Jackson Case #J-64-5-2-U
1C/S04.04 Letter 1964 Elizabeth Fusco Elizabeth Fusco to Governor Paul Johnson
1C/S04.05 Letter 1964 Lois Chaffee Lois Chaffee to Dr. Riley
1C/S04.06 Letter 1965 G. Dean Zimmermann G. Dean Zimmermann to Governor Paul Johnson
1C/S05.01 Document 1962
Student Interracial Ministry
Philip D. Brown
Douglas Renick
Samuel Varner
Ralph Luker
William G. Myers
James Forbes
Bonnie Cox
Harold W. Smith
Max Case
Roger Olemacher
Hank Elkins
Kent Organ
Klaus Schmidt
J. Grant Swank
Student Interracial Ministry: Mid-Summer Report
1C/S07.01 Document 1964 Unknown Freedom Day: in Holly Springs, Mississippi
1CSE01.01 Letter 1995 Cleveland Sellers Note from Cleveland Sellers to Charles Marsh
1CSE01.02 Letter 1965 Cleveland Sellers Letter from Cleve Sellers to Doug Smith (07/20/1965)
1CSE01.03 Letter 1966 Sid Walker Letter from Sid Walker to Central Committee (08/20/1966)
1CSE01.04 Unpublished Document 1960 Unknown The Eleventh Annual Summer School of Religious Education for the Youth of the Fourth Province
1CSE01.05 Letter Jim Forman Letter from Jim Forman to SNCC Staff
1CSE01.06 Newspaper Issue 1965 Unknown The New South Student November 1965 Issue
1CSE01.07 Newspaper Article 1965 Will Campbell Committee to Investigate the Los Angeles Riot (Untitled Article)
1CSE01.08 Newspaper Article 1965 Roy Mumme Cartoon: "Well, Jesus Was a Jew, Wasn't He?"
1CSE01.09 Newspaper Article 1965 Rick Stevens A Poem...Feelings
1CSE01.10 Letter 1968 Howard Moore, Jr. Letter from Howard Moore, Jr. to Cleveland Louis sellers, Jr.
1CSE01.11 Letter 1964 Pauline Sellers Letter from Mother to C.L. (11/12/1964) (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.12 Newspaper Article 1993 Jack Bass Justice Finally Comes in the Orangeburg Massacre
1CSE01.13 Newspaper Article Pat Kaye Mother Defends Sellers
1CSE01.14 Letter 1963 Pauline Sellers Letter from Mother to C.L. (12/09/1963) (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.15 Letter 1963 Pauline Sellers Letter from Mother to C.L. (06/08/1963)
1CSE01.16 Letter 1964 Unknown Letter to C.L. (09/19/1964) (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.17 Letter 1964 Unknown Letter from Barbara to Mr. Sellers (07/21/1964) (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.18 Letter Unknown Letter from Charlotte to C.L. (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.19 Letter 1960 Thomas N. Carruthers Letter from Thomas N. Carruthers to Cleveland Sellers (04/05/1960)(Untitled Document)
1CSE01.20 Letter Unknown Letter from Charlotte to Cleveland Sellers (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.21 Photograph Unknown Negatives of Cleveland Sellers and Others (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.22 Letter 1968 Tollie L. Caution Letter from Tollie L. Caution to Mrs. Cleveland Sellers, Sr. (02/16/1968)
1CSE01.23 Letter Unknown SNCC Policy: "one man-one vote"
1CSE01.24 Document 1964 Howard Zinn Some Suggestions in Answer to Questions Raised by the "Memo"
1CSE03.01 Letter 1963 Julian Bond Letter from Julian Bond to James Ridgeway