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1FH12.02 Document Unknown Campbell (Clarice T.) Papers
1FH01.06 Document Unknown Cassette Transcription: Tom Dent Collection
1EKI19.32 Newspaper Article Unknown Clergymen Appealing Arrests to U.S. Court
1FH04.14 Document Unknown Economic and Training Needs Mississippi Delta
7INT27 Interview
Fannie Lou Hamer
Fannie Lou Hamer Interview Conducted by Unknown Man
1FH13.01 Newspaper Article Unknown Hamer Raps
1CSE01.18 Letter Unknown Letter from Charlotte to C.L. (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.20 Letter Unknown Letter from Charlotte to Cleveland Sellers (Untitled Document)
5KKK01.05 Document Unknown List of White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi
1EKI05.03a Newspaper Article Unknown Methodists Vote to Keep Segregation
1EKI32.04 Newspaper Article Unknown Mixing Issue Causes Church to Withdraw
1CSE01.21 Photograph Unknown Negatives of Cleveland Sellers and Others (Untitled Document)
1EKI32.01 Newspaper Article Unknown New Location Acquired by Holy Trinity
1EKI30.03 Document Unknown Notes on MFDP (Untitled Document)
1EKI20.09 Document Unknown Notes on MFDP, Sam Bowers and Fannie Lou Hamer (Untitled Document)
2SNC04.01 Document Unknown Overview of the Freedom Schools
1CSE05.07 Document Unknown Says Wallace wants to work in Virginia with students (SNCC Transcript) (Untitled Document)
1CSE01.23 Letter Unknown SNCC Policy: "one man-one vote"
1CSE05.06 Document Unknown SNCC Results of Voting (Untitled Document)
1CSE05.14 Document Unknown Some Ideas for Policy Decisions by SNCC
1EKI19.28 Newspaper Article Unknown United Church Acts to End Segregation
5MR05.01 Newspaper Article 1952 Unknown Jackson As It Is At This Time
1EKI05.06a Newspaper Article 1954 Unknown A Parson's Jackassery
1EK47.02 Journal Article 1954 Unknown Compromise Seen On State School Program Deadlock
1EK61.01a Book Section 1954 Unknown Dr. Dotson McGinnis Nelson: A Biographical Sketch
1EK61.01c Book Section 1954 Unknown Letter from Tom to Dr. D.M. Nelson, May 18, 1954
1EK61.01e Book Section 1954 Unknown Letter from Tom to Dr. D.M. Nelson, September 9, 1954
1EKI05.02a Newspaper Article 1954 Unknown Methodist Leaders Fight Integration
1EK47.03 Newspaper Article 1954 Unknown No Segregation Decision Today
1EKI05.06c Newspaper Article 1954 Unknown Resolution on Segregation is Slated at Meet
3RC32.01 Newspaper Article 1955 Unknown Buses Boycotted Over Race Issue
1EKI05.07 Newspaper Article 1955 Unknown Holmes Pastor Told to Resign
1EK68.11 Document 1955 Unknown Minutes from the Intercollegiate Fellowship Meetings, December 1955 and January 1956
1EKI08.02 Document 1955 Unknown Sworn Written Application for Registration
5TR29.01 Magazine Article 1956 Unknown Buses Uncaught
1EKI05.04a Newspaper Article 1956 Unknown Franklin Hails Church Actions, Methodist Leaders of State Pleased
1EKI05.06b Newspaper Article 1956 Unknown Morrow Critical of Ministers
3RC32.02 Newspaper Article 1956 Unknown Musician Flogged Over Integration
1EKI05.02b Newspaper Article 1956 Unknown Sad Day for Methodism
1EKI05.04b Newspaper Article 1956 Unknown Untitled Newspaper Article - Rabbi Harry Halpern's Support of Integration
2KF08.01 Newspaper Article 1957 Unknown Boycott Menaces Integrated Farm
1EKI05.03b Newspaper Article 1958 Unknown Jackson Bishop Gets New Honor, Named President-Designate Of Worldwide Bishop Council
1EK67.06 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown $173 Fine Given to Prof. Nesmith
1EK67.02 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown 50 Hymn-Singing Students Parade in Rain on Campus
1EKI20.14a Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown A Brief Look at the Top News
1EK67.09 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown A Brief Look at the Top News
1EKI20.12d Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown B.U. Student Gets Retrial
1EK67.20 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown B.U. Theology Student Rearrested in Race Test
1EK67.05 Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown Birmingham Court Slates Sit-In Trials for Monday
1EKI20.12a Newspaper Article 1960 Unknown BU Student Gets 3 Months in Racial Case