Quote Sets

...I … was one of the white, I'd say, establishment leaders to affirm them and encourage them wherever I could. Foy Valentine
...I think many of us that got caught up in the Civil Rights Movement saw it as participating, saw it as an extension of our religious faith, saw it as part of our religious conviction, part of our very being. John Lewis
I have to confess it wasn't a crusading issue with me... In those days, the white liberal was the one who was deeply concerned about making sure blacks got a good education... he was deeply committed to... separate but equal school accommodations. Duncan Gray
I believe strictly in Christianity and those things have kept us going all these years praying for hope, that now we began to see this as a reality. And I don't think our prayer was in vain. Fannie Lou Hamer
And then they'll have a big book for you to write a section of the Constitution of Mississippi. And after you write it, copy it out of a book, he'll tell you to give, the registrar will tell you to give a reasonable interpretation. Fannie Lou Hamer
'Lord, won't you come by here?' Fannie Lou Hamer
I grew up on the west side of Montgomery, and even 'til now they don't think that anything good can come out of some of these areas. Fred Gray
...my coming back to Montgomery wasn’t by accident... But it was something that I came to do because it was what I wanted to do. Fred Gray
...but what drives me too is I imagine... my mother [saying to me], 'What did you do for other people like me?...What did you do for other people like me?' ...so this idea of the poor, it’s so deeply rooted. John Perkins
And I said to my wife, I said 'Honey, if we gonna make it different in Menden Hall... We’re gonna have to stay in town long enough that we can... help them get a love for God, a love for themselves, and a love for the community.' John Perkins
And so they tortured us in that jail. And that’s when I said to God, 'If you allow me to get out of here alive... then I want to preach a Gospel that is stronger than my race... I want to preach a Gospel that could reconcile black and whites together.' John Perkins
...somehow the language of everyday people has to connect with this theological language. So when I started to think about what to talk about, I decided to make an effort to use the language of the ocean, the everyday language of everyday people. Bob Moses
...I tried to impress upon young people especially, that it is not by might... [not by] all that you know, but it is... by [the] willingness to listen to your peers and to your elders, and also by the grace of God that we have come a long way. Johnnie Rebecca Daniels Carr
...it was another world where whites and blacks just never met or they met on a different level. And I guess I started to wrestle with that at a very early age.
The Mississippi effort was an all consuming effort. John Lewis
...there was always that schism between SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) before I became the chair [of SNCC].
I'm glad Dave got angry tonight. Any of you who are not angry in your heart will not find the strength to go on. You have to hate this thing that has been done.
If we can die together with Mississippi surely we can find a way to live together. Ed King
...my personal paranoia is somewhat mitigated by my... knowledge of the positions and public power techniques of the Pagan Academy-heathen Media - and Established Secret Police axis which is now dominating (without rule) over the American system. Sam Bowers
The Lord works in mysterious ways... Douglas Hudgins
...I began to realize that perhaps it wasn't God's doings, but man's. God didn't turn them away from our churches--we did... God didn't make ragged, hungry little boys pick rotten oranges and fruit out of the garbage can and eat them--we did. Clarence Jordan
I experienced the presence of the Divine as I had never experienced Him before... Almost at once my fears began to go... My uncertainty disappeared. I was ready to face anything. Martin Luther King
No one else should die down here. Nobody should die anymore... Jane Stembridge
You simply don't understand. You know Baptists have no business tinkering in political matters... Douglas Hudgins
This is an experiment in truth to find truth. Charles Sherrod
[The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission operated as] something akin to NKVD (the public and secret police in the Soviet Union during the reign of Joseph Stalin) among the cotton patches. Wilson Minor
We all thought we would die that summer.
Except for the mercy of God, I don't see how it was possible for us to keep from getting hurt. And if this had happened an hour earlier, it would have gotten my whole family. My babies were playing the piano about eleven o-clock. Allan Johnson
[Maintain] a calm and loving dignity [and do not] deliberately sit by a white person, unless there is no seat. Glenn Smiley
He dressed like a Philadelphia lawyer; he was a man of manners and suaveness. Clayton Sullivan