Contradictions in faith

Charles Marsh: How do you understand the situation today after all the experiences you've had - all of the decades - of that contradiction? Those people who profess Christ as Lord but at the same timeā€¦

Spencer Perkins: I still reckon with 'what does it really mean to be a Christian?' I guess in my old age I would chalk it up to well, I guess, God's going to decide, when the time comes. 'OK - who really was a Christian' and I hope that he has a whole lot of mercy. The work that we do - we try to get a doctor at our health center and we say we have a philosophy that you have to live in the neighborhood if you're going to work in our ministry. And then they can't do because - like the rich young ruler they go away sad. They want to help, but they can't put their family in that kind of situation. I think about the way we had to be as kids - the situation we had to be in; it's nothing compared to what we were involved in. And I wonder 'what is the Christian tradition - what's compelling you, according to what we say we believe, we doubt it still.' Denial is a part of our Christianity. When you do that, you've got to go through some rough places and our Christianity is hardly ever challenged - never hard or difficult. And we've gotten used to that. I guess.

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