...it is not a war of the 60's as such, but a history-long war for good and evil.

Sam Bowers: The academy is anti-church: the academy is more a metaphysical than an economic institution. If someone become an agent or instrument of Baal, then that person puts himself an the battle line. How do we know when a person has become a worshiper of Baal? We look at his public pronouncements.

Remember the 5 tiers? As national Americans, we have an absolute political right to hold one another to those final 3 points. They are the i. Declaration; the (ii) Constitution and (iii)the three writs. To be sure, under the 1st Amendment we are prohibited from going back to an earlier document

[Charles Marsh: for metaphysical or legal grounding?].

SB: We cannot demand the resurrection belief (my philosophy is not a theocracy in this sense). But we can hold his feet to the fire on his commitment to the Declaration, etc. And we can hold his feet to the fire

on his commitment to the Declaration as orthodoxy.

i. the Declaration

ii. where did the Declaration come from?

iii. how did Jefferson come to say as a citizen I am inter passe (among equals) with

George 111? Or Luther, I am inter passe as a priest with Bishop of Rome?

iv. this is a fundamental predicate of the Reformation; it is the priesthood of all

believers. If I am a believer, then that miracle of belief qualifies me as an inter passe

priest with all priests.

v. this notion or claim requires a miracle of belief. This is a revealed idea. This is

a revealed; as a basic Reformation discovery. It doesn't undermine Rome but it puts

Rome into a new context.

The Declaration is a secular rendering of the notion of the priesthood of all believers. It appeals to God for the rectitude of our beliefs; it is a miracle of God per se . The Declaration is illegal and lawful; that is, illegal in a historical sense of actually violating the British law at the time of rebellion; lawful because it succeeded. The Declaration is a miracle; the Constitution is both legal and lawful; somewhat less a miracle. The three writs are miraculous in a sense. When illegality succeeds as lawful we are looking at a miracle.

Under the 1st Amendment we cannot hold the federal government to an orthodoxy, but the Declaration was a miracle.

Reformation and resurrection; what we have in the publication of the 5-tiered Christological logos is a national political orthodoxy. As Americans, can we hold one another to the truth and binding character of the lower 3? If he will not confirm those lower three, he is a potential heretic; if he denies them, he is a heretic, The elitist priesthood does what it has always done with heresy; eliminate the heretic. The democratic society is too much tied in with legality to take care of this task. But the elitist priesthood is trans-moral, transnational, and trans-social. The war of the 60's in this sense, will never be over; it is not a war of the 60's as such, but a history-long war for good and evil. Did not Paul say, all things are

lawful unto me, but not ail things are expedient

[CM: Sam Bowers laughs hysterically].

SB: The 1960's were just a flareup of a larger, ongoing battle.

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