The Anti-Civil Rights Movement

Sam Bowers: The bankers also saw the southern U.S. : "we need to start hollering about civil rights, despite the constitution, it doesn't matter what sort of anarchy happens, because we decide what the standard of living is; we are in charge and we will stay in charge; we know how to utilize fear and greed; There was also certainly a thirst for righteousness in some people, which we [the bankers] are not going to ignore, but which we are going to pervert; we're going to use fear and greed wherever there is a leader we'll bribe him or assassinate him. As far as Christian faith goes, we've got the pagan academy, which teaches us that man can become their own god."

But here arose a few patriots. I did not fully understand what was going on, but I--and we-- had an instinct. We knew that something was wrong--we knew that persecutions were exaggerated; it was not for anything but economic means. As an American patriot, I take my liberty as common or as nothing. Liberty is not individual but common. I cannot deny other citizens their rights to full citizenship; I cannot violate his citizenship. If they can do it to him, they will do it to me. This is the "delicate artificiality" of liberty…

Charles Marsh: [But there will be casualties? "Yes"]

SB: If a black man stands up and demands his constitutional rights, I must support that man as strongly as I wish him to do for; but if he permits himself to be deluded by socialism, he's become devoid of grace.

[CM: He must be eliminated?]

SB: God will permit his common liberty, but he will not permit Baal to come and corrupt his liberty and his citizenship. This is the basic premises, as I see it, of the anti-civil rights movement. The civil rights movement was devoid of grace; it was using some unfortunate people as means to a communistic end. The whole motivation of the movement was wrong; in other words, when a local person stood up for his rights, there was sometime a nobility to it; but when socialism was advanced from [outside], fostered by the bank, justified by academy, promoted by the media, buttressed by the judiciary, Baal was worshiped.

[CM: And false gods must be destroyed. ]

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