Sam Bowers, former Imperial Wizard of the KKK -His Baptism

Sam Bowers: When the 1960's began to unfold, I could see that this was the destruction of Christian culture; by economic Baal, pagan media and academy [and ?]. Then there was a mass arrest of 18 people by the FBI. I'd never been to church here, but I was asked to speak to a large rally organized to protest and confront FBI oppression. There were a couple of thousand people who attended this gathering, There were several backwoods preachers there, who thought I should be more in the life of the church. Then Hillcrest invited me to join their congregation. I attended services there; five weeks with preachers. Finally I was think I was just being stubborn; I realized it was really my duty to join. Bruce Hilbourn was the fiery, old preacher at Hillcrest at the time; he had come to Laurel to retire after pastoring for years at 1st Baptist Oklahoma City. I was baptized by him in 1966.

[CM: Sam Bowers dramatizes the way Hilbourn might enunciate a point in his sermon, like, "I believe in total human depravity," by walking to the middle of our room--again the private dining room at Uncle Roy's--and thrusting his arm out at he bends to his knees dramatically.]

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