Sam Bowers, former Imperial Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, on the Church

Sam Bowers: A concept which gave me difficulty is "the Cathedral."

Charles Marsh: [I think of his nickname of Mickey Schwerner as "the goatee."]

SB: The Roman church claims continuity with Peter. In its administrative degeneracy of the 16th century, the Cathedral was still teaching the truth in the midst of inevitable human degeneracy. How did this occur? How did God permit the .....(?).... church to get in such a miserable shape? Luther and Calvin didn't add anything to the kerygma that the Cathedral had already taught. What was wrong. It was an administrative disaster. We got through the first three hundred years with a reliance on the kerygma and the Trinity alone. Luther and Calvin did not add anything to that. Calvin pushed the development of orthodoxy to a complex level it had never been before. No one has added anything since Calvin.


My question: what happened to the cathedral in the intervening years:

i. its moral conduct was abysmal

ii. in the 16th century, something was wrong and it was not just sin

iii. during those intervening years, the Cathedral had been penetrated by the academy and the bank.

CM: [He does not call this a Jewish conspiracy, but it seems consistent with one.]

SB: These penetrations led to the various administrative sins, which caused the transference of high sins into heresy, creating a vacuum into which Luther and Calvin rushed. What was the technical ingress point by which the academy got into the cathedral and the bank? The technical ingress points were: i. hierarchy ii. establishment. If the church is an establishment, it adopts a hierarchical structure; when the church becomes established, it becomes hierarchical.

How does the church keep from becoming established? As a Baptist, I explain this by centrifugal and centripetal force, with the Cathedral in the middle and the baptist/protestant churches on the ends, free balance of opposites. Psychologically, I'm a Roman Baptist.

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