Temple Baal and the Academic-Media Babylon

Sam Bowers: How many people will be lost as a result of the corruption of the system; for this reason, we cannot sit by hoping that the media and academic system will collapse as a result of its own degeneracy. I actually see the anti-Christ in that Turner Diary situation..what will the anti-Christ look like? a genius; a maximum leader. I want to see that the system collapses on its own trashy self so we can give us our posterity.

Two great powers are the Temple Baal which controls the banks and the academic-media Babylon.

Since the death of Paul the apostle, I am chief among sinners.

Charles Marsh: [He came close to apologizing for the "calculated hostility" of the letter he wrote to me. He spend some time explaining why he had written the kind of the letter to me he did. I told him I understood the context; he said he was glad that I understood the context. That he did not know at the time that I shared with him in "Galilean orthodoxy."]

SB: I hate the academy with obduracy...

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