I have total hatred toward the academy...

Sam Bowers: I have total hatred toward the academy; I look on the academy with obduracy and utter contempt. The academy is the source of the pagan media.

Early church worked hard to keep from being co-opted by the academy; in essence, the police controlled people's bodies and the academy controlled their mind. It was always a great struggle for the cathedral to escape unscathed this two-pronged attack from state [power] and academy.

It is my hope that the pagan media and academic establishment will implode on the force of its own corruption and stagnation. But there will be so many lives in the balance until that logical end arrives. Thus, there needs to be those who will offer their physical lives in opposition to these idols; in not only reforming this establishment from the inside out, but in attacking it at the very center of its power and prestige.

I think it is inevitable that this whole pagan media and academic Baal will descend into a "behavioral sink," in which it will rot away. But what of the posterity that will be lost? We thus need to implement concrete actions which enable us once again to see America as the fulfillment of the Abrahamic promise.

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