Stokely 'STARmichael'

Charles Marsh: When you became Program Director of SNCC [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee] in 1965, Stokely is flying first class and asking for $1,000, doing things you seem opposed to as Director.

CS: That's not a good perception. The money sent back to SNCC. We did our own scheduling of flights and that kind of stuff. So we knew where people were. If Stokely was first class, that was the basis on which we scheduled the flight with the host institution.

CM: But there are a lot of letters that come pouring in from SNCC people about Stokely 'Starmichael. '

CS: We used that term affectionately. He became our spokesman. Some people might have been upset about this; about his flying around the country and all. But Stoke and I had a falling out in this period. The falling out was about all of us taking a vow of poverty. About all of us being leaders. All of us going against the grain. Black power got to moving so fast that we miscalculated the fallout. I certainly have to take some of the responsibility of that; but there was no way we anticipated the response.

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