...I think a number of people did see it. They were generally not people of power...

Charles Marsh: A little while ago we were talking about preaching the Gospel and you made this statement that you could talk, you could recite Second Corinthians and Galatians 3 and all these pivotal passages on reconciliation and you’d get “Amens” from the congregation but still, when you took it a step farther and said, “How does this affect our relation to Christ?”

Will Campbell: Yeah, it’s the application.

CM: But what happens between hearing and the “Amen” and the application?

WC: Well, it’s pure, it becomes like a test. The culture, it hates new religion. Of course, that half of Christianity, they’re (indistinct). Now, there were people who did see this, holdovers from the Anabaptists and the others who would make the application but they’d think, “Christ wouldn’t.” For the most part, people in the pew, they simply would not tolerate anything that’s that out of tune with the local culture. And they would say, “The hell with Mr. Jesus” and let the church do (indistinct) we would never do that. It’s probably a compliment.

CM: Yeah, well, what happens, well, or what is happening when a pious lady or man can read the Bible every day of his life, have a devotional life, study the Scripture fervently and yet not see in any way that there is a connection between this great story of God reconciling the world to himself and our reconciling ourselves with others?

WC: Well, I think a number of people did see it. They were generally not people of power and I was going through these letters that Rufus Harris got. And I searched in vain for one negative letter from a female.

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