I am also cautioning you: That if you attempt to quote me out of context: Especially, on the matter of my insistence upon the Empirical Fact of the Resurrection... I am going to be "ready" for you, Mr. Marsh.

As you may or may not be able to discern from this essentially broad polemic, my personal paranoia is somewhat mitigated by my amplified, candid, knowledge of the positions and public power techniques of the Pagan Academy-heathen Media - and Established Secret Police axis which is now dominating (without rule) over the American system. Thus, my rational suspicion and public caution: in attempting to communicate with persons whose "livelihood" is dependant upon their academically conditioned and Secret Police supervised confessions that: 2+2=5. In addition to that general syndrome: Of established public power whoreishness, Mr. Marsh, you have given some rather substantial indications that you posses the (rather characteristic)" .003 nanosecond personal attention span": For serious subjects: Which is so typical of your generation: Wherein its members: "wake up in a brand-new world every day". Accordingly, I am also cautioning you: That if you attempt to quote me out of context: Especially, on the matter of my insistence upon the Empirical Fact of the Resurrection: As a manifestation which stands on its own, and apart from my (or anyone else's) genuine Faith in God: Thus, as to the cause of the Miraculous Empirical Manifestation, then, I am going to be "ready" for you, Mr. Marsh. I am assuming that you would take great delight in trying to brand me as an "heretic", on this factual question (or, at least, as a lunatic: Which would be more substantial), but, before any controversy erupts, I warn you that you are going to be hit with I Corinthians XV: 14, et seq. The genuineness of Faith is in the Omnipotent Power of God to perform the Miracle: The certainty of rational human knowledge is that the Resurrection did occur: As an Empirically manifested Fact: For the human attention of non-superstitious men. And, you, Mr. Marsh, and all of the Mr. Jack Nelson's and the Roy K. Moore's of the F.B.I., the Academy and Media: Who seek to "disprove": 2+2=4, because: As its advocate, I am a personally ignorant and incompetent sinner, while "you people" with your magnificent and moralistic academic credentials, 180+ I.Q.'s (and .033 nanosecond attention spans) insist that: 2+2=5, may KNOW that neither you, nor I, will make the Final Decisions: On those questions of human public "truth": Whatever our various human pieties, nor wits, may, or may not, be. Certainly, my educational, intelligence and public power credentials are no match for the 2+2=5 establishment. But, in dealing with Tories, Pharisees and Anarchists within the Established and Captive Academy, Media and Secret Police, Mr. Marsh, I bring an attention time span of over 50 chronological years of personal experience: Within the public power parameters of the illegal and Lawful Declaration, the legal and Lawful Constitution and the legal and Lawful 3 great writs of the Common Law: Relating to political Liberty and American practice.

Should this herein polemic prove to be creatively stimulating to your individual proprietary thought processes: in a genuinely non-cannibalistic and non-exploitive way toward me, Mr. Marsh, you may, later, wish to submit something of a comprehensive outline of your prospective literary work. But, I warn you, sir, I do not operate a "school for casual political theologians", and, while my personal experience is some 50 years long, and my historical-traditional perspective is some 6000 years long, my patience is rather thin (with instant-abstract .033 nanosecond questioning approaches). I assume that you are "supposed" to have the kind of "background", already, which would "qualify" you for "prime time" in those vitally significant, human interactive area(s) of public power metaphysics. Thus, I am not going to "write your book for you", nor, to presume, nor attempt to "teach you how to think", nor, to try your polemical advocacy public case for you. Also, I have become rather "bored": With the contemporary efforts of Pagan Academic Savants and Heathen Media hysterics (such as Mr. Nelson): In their published efforts to: Twist my meanings, impugn my motives, ridicule my patriotism, correct my attitudes, define my personality and instruct my behavior: InIn connection(s) with their abstract imaginings of the public power problems in America, and their efforts to "solve" those problem: By compounding their established complexes of misinformation.

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