Mr. Marsh, I cannot tell you how deeply you have wounded me...

Mr. Marsh, let me assure you, and all others, as I did Mr. Nelson, that I do not need a surrogate amanuensis nor an interpreter to communicate my personal-political knowledge to the American public:Even though my educational and personal intelligence qualities and credentials are far inferior to the Established Norms of the Pagan Academy and the heathen Media, in modern American practice. Consequently, I will speak, and write, in my own words, or not at all.

Mr. Marsh, I cannot tell you how deeply you have wounded me: In my personal-political feelings and sensibilities: As a fellow Mississippian, by your obvious direct reaction (pro or con makes no difference) to Mr. Jack Nelson's latest publication of wilful and deliberate misinformation: In order to fulfill his life's mission: As a public agitator and scandal-mounger: Even highly credentialed within the hysterical Media Brothel: As he is.

No one who aspires to the position of an effective intelligence operative in American public life (as is incumbent upon all patriotic American citizens) can ever permit himself to react: Directly, and/or immediately, to the published nonsense and deliberate misinformation which, constantly, emanates from the irrational Media and the Pagan Academy.

If the proper exercise of intelligence operations in American public affairs is a genuine and convenient avenue for possible illuminations and even the discovery of political "truth" in American public life, no individual proprietary American citizen can, possibly, remain on that correct path by reacting, directly, (pro or con) to the established misinformation centers of Academy, Media and Secret Police. Parenthetically, it must be understood that the simple (Madison- Jefferson, et al) political truth(s): of 2+2=4 in American public life can only be denigrated and trampled into the public mire of established economic determinism, which insist that (parenthetically) 2+2=5 (according to Marx). Consequently, I am not about to attempt to publicly immolate myself (and denigrate the proposition 2+2=4) by engaging in scandalous, mass agitation public convulsions with those established whoresons and hell­hounds of the 2+2=5 persuasion(s): On a misinformation- information "belief" squabble. The proper processes of effective patriotic intelligence operations (which have nothing to do with personal I.Q.'s nor "education") consist only, in the elementary and simple sense, of carefully refining patriotic information: From out of fraudulent misinformation and WOT reacting, directly, to that mis information, nor attempting to contradict that misinformation, publicly and scandalously.

This is not to suggest, in any way, that established public whores: Like Mr. Nelson in the Media, and "scientific" savages like Mr. Roy K. Moore of the Secret Police, and the Pagan Perverts of the Captive Academy are not indirectly "functional": As negative elements within the Classic American public power experiment in human Liberty and genuine inter-pares individual freedom. Obviously, their vicious, humanoid promulgations of intellectual and physical violence!s) provide the functional body of mis information(s) which the positively functional patriotic intelligence operatives in America: ignorant, backward and uneducated persons, like myself, must have as input, in order to be able to, instinctively, and by traditional formulae, carefully refine into genuine information, and from thence, transmute into positively functional intelligence: For mature and effective operational purposes. But, this manifestation of public utility is a process of sobriety and refined caution and not an hysterical and direct reaction to their hysterical mis information(s) and provocation(s).

The search for genuine illuminations and discoveries of patriotic "truth's": In Western "civilization" is not always a matter of instantaneous, reactive willfulness, Mr. Marsh. And, it is well to remember how much Jefferson "owed" to George III, how much Sam Adams "owed" to Lord North, or, even, how much Augustine "owed" to Nero and Caligula. Ultimately, we might even point out how much Paul "owed" to Pilate and Caiphas. The "progress" of Western "civilization" (if such a thing exists), by non-established patriotic intelligence operatives: Refining functional information: From out of established misinformation and transmuting that information into genuine illuminations and discoveries of functional political intelligence: (Genuine Law of Divine Will) is not always an human matter of superficical convenience activity, but it is always properly indicated: In serious situations of Established corruptions.

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