1967: The changing character of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Charles Marsh: [In the SNCC minutes of the meeting in which Bob Zellner's GROW project was rejected] this near-violent argument breaks out just after they've finished talking about you, you know what it's about? It's about who gets to travel…

Bob Zellner: first class, first class..

CM: No, it's about who gets to travel internationally to represent SNCC. Somebody had gone to Africa, and somebody was pissed off because they didn't get to go to Africa, and then someone says, why do you always get to go, you're going to China next month, you're going to Vietnam, and you how, it's just like ... and the whole thing, the whole meeting just disintegrates.

BZ: Over perks.


CM: And you see…

BZ: My theory is that under the old SNCC regimen, the regime more of the southerners and the more church based coming out of church backgrounds and everything, they would have not…

CM: Can you see Fannie Lou Hamer

BZ: And John (unclear)... [laughter]

CM: Couldn't the case be made that SNCC at that point did not have the spiritual resources to
sustain it?

BZ: Oh, sure, I think that's probably a capsule way of saying what a lot of people have
analyzed, that the change coming '63, '64, '65...

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