Ministers Protest Council's Role

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Unknown (author)
Fri, 02/11/1966
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The author reports about religious leaders' responses to the Delta Ministry's participation in the seizure of Greenville Air Force Base property. He notes that 31 Methodist ministers and 42 members of the Episcopal Church, in separate documents, repudiate the Delta Ministry’s participation in the seizure. He writes that Rev. Arthur Thomas, head of Delta Ministry, saw the purpose of the seizure as a neccassary way to dramatize needs of African Americans. These needs include jobs, housing, and food. The author plays particular notice to food, as he notes the opinions of Representative Joseph Y. Resnick, who believed Mississippi was blocking food to hungry African Americans. He also reports that the Delta Ministry hoped to encourage the government to release funds for the Mississippi Head Start Program. 

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Document Description: one-page photocopy of article; located in PLT Archive folder "Delta Ministry (Div. of Nat'l Council of Churches) pro, anti-literature"; part of "Exhibit A- A series of clippings about The Delta Ministry and the sit-in at the Greenville Air Force Base in Greenville, Mississippi" (1C/S03.01); The publication date of the article (noted above) was written in pencil on the article or on a photocopy of the article.

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