Evicted Squatters Await Next Move in Greenville Row: Screaming Demonstrators Curse, Bite Air Police and Threaten Prompt Return Despite Concessions

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The author reports that 46 African-American and white demonstrators were removed from a building at the deactivated Greenville Air Base. He characterizes the demonstrators as crazed, loud, and dangerous, while describing the authorities as merciful enough to forgo filing charges against them. He writes that the demonstrators were asked to leave peacefully before they were subjected to forcible removal, and that the demonstrators responded by bringing out their elderly and their children. The author concludes by reducing the demonstration to mere dramatization, and by explaining that President Johnson was already advised frequently about the events in Greenville.

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Document Description: one-page photocopy of article; located in PLT Archive folder "Delta Ministry (Div. of Nat'l Council of Churches) pro, anti-literature"; part of "Exhibit A- A series of clippings about The Delta Ministry and the sit-in at the Greenville Air Force Base in Greenville, Mississippi" (1C/S03.01); The year noted in this doc entry is not mentioned in the document, the year or range of years for its publication was determined based on research of its content.

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