1964: I remember freedom summer

Spencer Perkins: I remember the freedom summer.

Charles Marsh: Do you really?

SP: I remember there was a lot of tension.

CM: near Mendenhall?

SP: Mendenhall, a lot of excitement, and a lot of white people. We never knew any white people. And all of the sudden we met good white people who really liked us and we got along with them. That was interesting.

CM: Where'd you meet them? They were just working in community centers, (miracle) houses…

SP: In Mendenhall, a lot of them came to stay with us. I don't know if it was '64, but we always had volunteers from the north who came to help register people to vote. We had a center there, where I guess about 1965 I guess, we built the ministry house. And (I think) we had people coming down to help.