The System of World Spirit of Sam Bowers, former Imperial Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan

System of World Spirit [Charles Marsh's title]:
Sam Bowers: 1. empirical fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ;
2. reformation; four sides
i. Lutheran
ii. Calvinistic
iii. Thomistic
iv. Bunyon--outlaw
3. Declaration of Independence
4. Constitution
5. Three Great Writs of Common Law
i. quo warrantum--by what authority
ii. habeas corpus
iii. verani
[Charles Marsh: Bowers now gives me instructions about writing down exactly what he says, which words are capitalized, etc.; until about now, I have been uneasy about writing down his words.]
SB: Definition of law:
LAW: the holy sovereign will of God
Law: God's will as most perfectly perceived and implemented by man
law: natural man's best efforts
legality: Phariseeism
(1)-(3): illegal and lawful (resurrection, though is lawful)
(4)-(5): lawful and legal