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Pat Kaye Mother Defends Sellers
1954 Unknown No Segregation Decision Today
1962 John Collins Student Interracial Ministry: A Venture in Reconciliation
1962 Unknown Participation in the Student Interracial Ministry
Student Interracial Ministry
Philip D. Brown
Douglas Renick
Samuel Varner
Ralph Luker
William G. Myers
James Forbes
Bonnie Cox
Harold W. Smith
Max Case
Roger Olemacher
Hank Elkins
Kent Organ
Klaus Schmidt
J. Grant Swank
Student Interracial Ministry: Mid-Summer Report
1963 Unknown 1963 Student Interracial Ministry
1963 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry Participants, 1963
1963 Unknown The Student Interracial Ministry: 1960 to 1964
1963 Julian Bond Letter from Julian Bond to James Ridgeway
1963 Ed King Children's Crusades and Concentration Camps
1963 Unknown Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc.
1964 Unknown Freedom Party Needs Assistance
1964 Unknown Challenge Gains Northern Support
1964 Unknown A Program for the Student Voice, Inc.
1964 Bob Moses Robert P. Moses to Julian Bond
1964 Christopher Jencks Mississippi: From Conversion to Coercion
1964 Unknown The Student Voice December 1964 Issue
Robert S. Allen
Paul Scott
Anti-Poverty Funds Slip Away in Salaries, Costs
1965 Holmes Alexander Shriver Attempts to Block Misuses
1965 The Associated Press Head Start Staff May Quit Posts
1965 Unknown King and Reuther Backed Mt. Beulah In Original Move to Obtain Fed Funds
1965 Unknown Misuse of Money Charged by Senator
1965 Robert T. Ashmore Robert T. Ashmore to Fannie Lou Hamer
1965 Unknown Mt. Beulah Funds Donated to SNCC
1965 Unknown Delta Ministry's Main Function is Civil Rights: Staff Members Have Leftist Backgrounds
1965 Gordon Brown Shriver Faces Quiz by Stennis
1965 Morris Cunningham Head Start Study Questions Variance in Rentals
1965 The Associated Press OEO Admits Misuse Of Mt. Beulah Funds
1965 Unknown Irregularities Found in Head Start Records: Misuse of Funds May Total $300,000
1966 William F. Ryan William F. Ryan to Fannie Lou Hamer