Atlanta, GA

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Pat Kaye Mother Defends Sellers
Clarence Jordan Christian Community in the South
Ed King Genocide
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Student Interracial Ministry
Philip D. Brown
Douglas Renick
Samuel Varner
Ralph Luker
William G. Myers
James Forbes
Bonnie Cox
Harold W. Smith
Max Case
Roger Olemacher
Hank Elkins
Kent Organ
Klaus Schmidt
J. Grant Swank
Student Interracial Ministry: Mid-Summer Report
1962 Wyatt Tee Walker Wyatt Tee Walker to William A. Sharpe
1963 Unknown Atlanta Baptists Invite Negroes
1963 Unknown 67-Year-Old Minister Held in Atlanta Jail: Sentence Faces Court Test
1963 Ed King Jackson Movement, Spring 1963: Week II, Church Kneel-Ins, Medgar Evers and Doctor Selah
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1964 John Gillies Justice, Southern Style
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1965 Jody Palmour Conversation Vietnam
Sue Thrasher
Ronda Stilley
The Southern Student Organizing Committee and The New South Student (Untitled Article)
1965 Cleveland Sellers Letter from Cleveland Sellers to Members of the Executive Committee
1965 Cleveland Sellers Letter from Cleveland Sellers to Alvin Packer
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