Council of Federated Organizations (COFO)

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Ed King New Governor and New Words; SNCC Style and Old Religion
Ed King Testimony from Mt. Zion
Ed King Project Description: The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section XIX, "Conclusion -- Neshoba"
Ed King Sixties and Sit-ins
Ed King Rifle Squads in the Beloved Community
Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section XVIII, "Epistles"
Ed King White Church -- Beauty for Ashes
Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section XVI-B, "Church Conference Details"
Ed King White Church -- "Beauty of Ashes"
Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section XII, "Ministers' Projects"
1963 Ed King COFO Office
1963 Unknown Notes from a COFO Meeting (Untitled Document)
1963 Unknown We Shall Vote for Freedom
1964 Richard Tholin Richard Tholin to Ed King
1964 Unknown Council of Federated Organizations Records: Appendix 3: Series Identification and Description
1964 Lois Chaffee Lois Chaffee to Dr. Riley
James Atwater
Lynn Pelham
"If We Can Crack Mississippi...": At the Risk of Their Lives, Hundreds of Northern Students Are Challenging the Heart of the Deep South
1964 Elizabeth Fusco Elizabeth Fusco to Governor Paul Johnson
1964 Bob Moses Robert P. Moses to Julian Bond
1964 Unknown Re: Jackson Case #J-64-5-2-U
1964 Ed King Summer Plan 1964
1964 Unknown Mississippi: Allen's Army
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1964 Mississippi's Metaphysical Mystics
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1964 Nora Lee Jacobson Nora Lee Jacobson to Fannie Lou Hamer
1964 Unknown Prospectus for the Mississippi Freedom Summer
1964 Ed King Letter from Ed King to Dick Gould (05/07/1964)
1964 Unknown Freedom Day: in Holly Springs, Mississippi