Integrated Diners Appeal; Release Scheduled Today

Newspaper Article
Unknown (author)
Thu, 06/09/1960
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Document Description: one-page photocopy of document; located in the PLT Archive folder "Ed King; 1960 Newspaper Clippings; Alabama arrests"; the publication date for this article (noted above) was handwritten on the original or a photocopy thereof; Document also found in the PLT Paper Archives as Doc #1EK67.24a; Handwritten notation: "Charles-I guess you saw this one-I had just glanced at pile and did not think it was there-The Ala. reporter knew in full my Mississippi connections-Police had searched my hotel room and found wedding invitations in my briefcase-The Jackson paper printed front page photo and attack on Jeanette as engaged to me-She was working for state Welfare Dept. in Natchez. Her boss was under pressure to fire her but protected her-(she was leaving job in a few weeks for marriage-) wedding set for her home church-had to be moved to Millsaps Chapel with only a few relatives and guests. People in her home church feared a bombing-Wedding was July 3-A week later I had orders to return to Alabama and back to jail-It was rough for her-".

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