National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

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Ed King Woolworth's Lunch Counter Sit-In
Ed King Curriculum Vitae: Edwin King: Civil Rights Work in 1960s, Summary
Ed King Traffic Accident & Hospital Stay (Untitled Document)
Paul Gaston Jim Crow's Demise: The UVa Story
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Charles Marsh Dahmer Murder and the Response of the Church, Field Notes
Ed King Rifle Squads in the Beloved Community
1956 Herbert Ravenel Sass From the Congressional Record 1956: Mixed Schools and Mixed Blood
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1960 Unknown B.U. Theology Student Rearrested in Race Test
1960 Donald F. Martin France Watching Girl's Trial Here
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1961 Unknown Shootings and Killings Since 1961
J. Oscar Lee
Alfred J. Kramer
Interracial News Service September-October 1962 Issue
1962 John Collins Student Interracial Ministry: A Venture in Reconciliation
Student Interracial Ministry
Philip D. Brown
Douglas Renick
Samuel Varner
Ralph Luker
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James Forbes
Bonnie Cox
Harold W. Smith
Max Case
Roger Olemacher
Hank Elkins
Kent Organ
Klaus Schmidt
J. Grant Swank
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1962 Unknown Resume of the Inquiry Re: Robert Parris Moses Conscientious Objector
Medgar W. Evers
Doris Allison
John R. Salter
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1963 Unknown Funeral March Finishes in White-Led Agitation: Minority of Mourners at Evers Rites Jailed (Funeral)
1963 John Perkins Bunche Criticizes Powell in Address at Tougaloo
1963 Unknown Proposes Churches Be Ready
1963 Unknown Plea for Peace
1963 Jimmy Ward Quotes Taken From the Editor's Column of the Jackson Daily News
1963 Unknown Defiance
1963 Ed King Statement by the Rev. R. Edwin King, Chaplain of Tougaloo Southern Christian College
1963 Ed King Jackson Movement, Spring 1963-"Children's Crusades and Concentration Camps"
1963 Unknown Resegregation Irks St. Louis Negroes
1963 Ed King Jackson Movement, Spring 1963-Woolworth's Part VIII