assassination, Martin Luther King

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1968 Unknown No Report on Manhunt
1968 Unknown Massive Search on for Rifleman
1968 Unknown House Passes CR Measure
1968 Unknown JBW Urges "Restraint"
1968 Unknown Riot Toll Mounting
1968 Unknown Racial Violence Racks Nation: Washington Under Guard
1968 Unknown Seek Killer in Mexico
1968 Unknown Mayor Allen Tells Widow
1968 Unknown King Funeral Draws 50,000
1968 Unknown Hint Arrest Near in King Slaying
1968 Unknown Clear Way for Return of Ray (Incomplete Document)
1968 Unknown Urge Action on CR Bills
1968 Unknown Rampaging Mobs Burn, Loot, Kill
Drew Pearson
Jack Anderson
Carmichael Talked With Havana During Race Riots
1968 Unknown Tightest Security for Memphis March
1968 Unknown LBJ Asks Nation to Deny Violence: Says Law to Prevail
1968 Drew Pearson Mississippi Has Great Racial Changes Since '64
1968 Unknown Police, Guards Remain Alert
1968 John Chamberlain These Days: The Ghetto Move to "Green Power"
1968 Unknown Clark Hopes Arrest Near
1968 J.W.West King's Killer Hides; Who's Helping Him?
1968 Unknown Racial Strife Ravages Cities
1968 Unknown Bowers, 9 Others Plead Not Guilty
1968 Unknown LBJ Keeping Weary Vigil
1970 John Egerton "John Lewis," from A Mind to Stay Here
1971 Richard Aubrey McLemore A History of Mississippi Baptists, 1780-1970
Richard Aubrey McLemore
C.B. Hamlet, III
Chapter Eleven: Mid-Twentieth Century
1991 Unknown What Martin Luther King Would Do Now About: Drugs, Poverty, and Black-Jewish Relations; Widow and Associates Tell How He Would Respond to Today's Burning Issues
1993 Unknown Rep. Lewis Wants Army to Explain Spying on Blacks
1993 David Zurawik "March to Freedom": An Outstanding Hour For Local Television