White Church, Ole Miss Riots, Religion and Patriotism (Untitled Document)

Ed King (author)
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In this essay, the author used the context of the Ole Miss Riot of 1962, and President John F. Kennedy's contemporary speech extolling the patriotism of Mississippians, to explore the idea that Mississippi had become a battleground of two competing theologies, both of which considered their movements to have messianic power for the nation as a whole. The author argued that the Mississippi "Way of Life" was considered by opponents of civil rights to be the pinnacle of civilization, and as an exemplar for the country in the larger fight against communism, atheism, and civil rights.  The author claimed that civil rights activists viewed their own struggle in Mississippi as having redemptive power for the nation as well, and that these competing visions each viewed the other as "Enemy Mississippi."

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Document Description: six-page typewritten document; editorial and marginal notations and correction fluid; located in PLT archive folder "Ed King - White Church, Ole Miss Riots".

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