Freedom Now, Vol. 2, No. 3, June-July 1966

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This document is the third issue of the second volume of Freedom Now, a mini-magazine dedicated to issues of racial inequality through a Christian perspective. It is the result of the small-scale collaboration between a husband-and-wife team (the Alexanders) and their friends. Articles in the issue discuss the need for racial tolerance, especially in the many segregated American churches. The articles also support racial equality by using Biblical excerpts as justification for change. Fred and John Alexander were the first editors of Freedom Now, which later became The Other Side.
Table of Contents
  • "Editorial," p.3
  • "King - A Communist," p.4
  • "King - A Fundamentalist," p.6
  • "Dr. King Speaks," p.7
  • "God's Standard or Man's," p.8
  • "Readers Opinion," p.11
  • "Book Reviews," p.12
  • "Letters," p.14
  • "The Achilles' Heel of Equality," p.15


Additional information 

Document Description: 12-page photocopy of a mini-magazine issue; located in PLT Archive folder "Freedom Now; Issues; Dec, 1965; All Of 1966"; comprised of documents: 3FN03.04a, 3FN03.04b, 3FN03.04c, 3FN03.04d, 3FN03.04e, 3FN03.04f, 3FN03.04g.

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