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1963 William R. Richerson Letter from William R. Richerson to Ed King (06/02/1963)
1963 Unknown 12 Arrested at Churches Here Sunday
1963 Unknown Church Visits Assessment (Untitled Document)
Richard C. Raines Jr.
John Marvin
Wonders Who Will Implement Council of Bishops' Statement on Race (Letter to the Editor)
1963 J. Fount Tillman For the Living of These Days
1963 Unknown News of the World: Minister Arrested in Prayer Demonstration
1963 Central Jurisdiction Study Committee (Committee of Five) Central Jurisdiction Speaks
1963 Unknown Four Yale University Divinity School Students Describe...A Week in Mississippi
1963 Ed King Jackson Movement, Spring 1963: Week II, Church Kneel-Ins, Medgar Evers and Doctor Selah
Elmer E. Dickson
Joseph A. Buckles
Donald E. Walden
Gerald E. Forshey
"Help" From Joe, Don, Jerry and Elmer to the Methodist Ministers of Chicago
1963 R.C. Griffith Letter from R.C. Griffith to Friend (06/03/1963)
1963 Unknown 12 Arrested at Churches in Jackson
1963 Donald E. Hall Statement of Arrest at St. Luke's Methodist Church, Jackson, Mississippi
John E. Marvin
John E. Marvin
The Editor's Pulpit: An Outrage Made Manifest
1963 Nonviolent Agitation Association of College Pupils The Voice of the Movement November 1963 Issue
1963 Unknown White Minister Held in Jackson
1963 Unknown Co-eds' Conviction in Church Incident Tragic: Brashares
1963 Unknown Pastors, 2 Co-eds Get Bail in Dixie
1963 Unknown List of Addresses for the Church Visits Campaign(Untitled Document)
1963 Unknown An Account of the Arrests at Capitol Street Methodist Church (Untitled Article)
1963 Gerald E. Forshey Gerald Forshey to Bishop Brashares
1963 Unknown Pastor Calls Mississippi Rights Arrests Blasphemy
1963 Frank E. Dement Letter from Frank E. Dement, Jr. to Ed King (10/07/1963)
1963 John Marvin Michigan Christian Advocate November 1963 Issue
1963 Wilbur Whanger Telegram from Wilbur Whanger to Ed King
1963 Unknown Busy Fall
1963 Unknown Statement By Ministers
1963 Will D. Campbell Southern Ministers are Rebelling -at Long Last
1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman Methodist-EUB Merger Plan Imperiled by Racial Strife
1963 Unknown They Went to Church--So 2 Chicago Co-eds Get Year in Dixie Jail