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1963 Unknown Chicago Clergyman and 3 Co-eds Turned Away by Mississippi Church
1963 Unknown Negro Girls Turned Away From Church
1963 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry Statement of Finance
1963 Unknown Jackson Churches Refuse 17 Negroes
Hoover Rupert
John Marvin
The Youthful Accent: "Churkendoose"
1963 Charles Duke Sermon at Broadmeadow Methodist Church
1963 Unknown Amendment Presented by Dr. Robert Mayo, Hinds Jr. College, to Resolutions
1963 Gerald Forshey Divided Flocks in Jackson
1963 Jerry DeLaughter Methodists Sever King Connections
1963 Council of Bishops of the Methodist Church A Statement by the Council of Bishops
1963 Jimmy Ward Quotes Taken From the Editor's Column of the Jackson Daily News
1963 James Silver Letter from James Silver to Ed King (06/01/1963)
1963 Unknown Methodist Youth Planning 'School of Moral Concerns'
1963 Unknown Student Interracial Ministry Participants, 1963
Robert E. Willoughby
John Marvin
Tells How Pastors Were Arrested in Jackson, Miss.
1963 Unknown A Resolution Stating the Policy of the Mississippi Association of Methodist Ministers and Laymen on Racial Integration Within the Church
1963 Unknown Three Tougaloo College Students Arrested Trying to Attend Church, Spark Crusade to Open Churches (Untitled Document)
1963 Unknown Mississippi Ban on Integrated Worship Fought
1963 George W. Cornell Pastor's Race Stands Cause Resignations
1963 Eugene Peacock How Shall We Work Together to Achieve the Goals?
1963 Medford Evans A Methodist Declaration of Conscience on Racial Segregation
Wilson Yates
Gale Yates
Letter from Wilson and Gayle Yates to Ed and Jeanette King (06/05/1963)
1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman 4 Pastors Arrested in Dixie
1963 Unknown Students Report From the Summer of 1963
John Marvin
Preaching and Practice (Letter to the Editor)
Charles Morton
James D. Nixon
Statement: Visit to Capital Street Methodist Church (Untitled Document)
1963 Ed King Final Conversation with Medgar Evers
1963 John M. Mecartney Letter from John M. Mecartney to Julie Zaugg (10/12/1963)
John F. Baggett
Philip M. Dripps
Christian Unity, the Methodist Church, and Jackson
1963 Roy C. Clark Sermon at Capitol Street Methodist Church: "Coming to Grips with the Real Issue"