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1963 David J. Twigg Letter from David J. Twigg to Friends in Christ (11/15/1963)
1963 J.B. Cain Letter from J.B. Cain to Ed King (07/26/1963)
1963 Unknown Some Suggested Revisions of Scripture for Use in Galloway Memorial and Capitol Street Methodist Churches in Jackson, Mississippi, and Others of Similar Ilk
1963 Ed King Jackson Movement, Spring 1963-Part VII
1963 Unknown 7 Chicagoans Arrested at Dixie Church
1963 Unknown Viewpoint
1963 Ed King "Goals: Confrontation Strategies."
1963 Unknown Tougaloo Group Facing Fines of $1000 Each
1963 Unknown Local Clerics Voice Regret Over Bombing
1963 Unknown Jackson Court Test Resumed; Kneelers Fail
1963 Unknown The Methodist Jurisdictional System and Race Relations
1963 Nicholas Von Hoffman Methodist-EUB Merger Plan Imperiled by Racial Strife
1963 Unknown Raymond Methodist Board Urges Respect of Custom
1963 Ed King Telegram from Central Methodist Church of Detroit to Reverend James Nixon
1963 Walter G. Muelder Letter from Walter G. Muelder to Ed King (07/10/1963)
1963 Unknown They Sparked a Crusade
1963 Unknown Statement of the Council of Bishops of the Methodist Church
1963 Phillip M. Dripps A Critique and a Proposal
1963 The Associated Press Church Mixing Blocked: Ushers Bar Way of Two Bishops at Service Here
1963 Jean Fairfax Letter from Jean Fairfax to Ed King (06/21/1963)
1963 Unknown Two Arrested After Refusing to Leave Church
1963 Unknown No Negro Pews & Empty Pulpit
Julia Jacobs
Foster Stockwell
Report of ICM Activities (II)- Selected From the Minutes of Membership and Steering Committee Meetings
1963 Unknown Raymond Methodists Back Layman Stand
1963 Unknown The Christian Century November 1963 Special Report Issue
1963 Unknown Tougaloo Trio Jailed in Miss.
1963 Phillip M. Dripps Clone of A Critique and a Proposal
Marvin A. Franklin
Ed King
151st Session Mississippi Annual Conference: Galloway Memorial Methodist Church
1963 Pharis J. Harvey Ecumenical Volunteer Service Project Leaders' Report
1963 James H. Laird To the Council of Bishops