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Unknown Methodists Vote to Keep Segregation
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Association of Citizens' Councils
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1954 Unknown Letter from Tom to Dr. D.M. Nelson, May 18, 1954
1954 Unknown Methodist Leaders Fight Integration
1955 Unknown Holmes Pastor Told to Resign
1956 Unknown Sad Day for Methodism
1956 Unknown Franklin Hails Church Actions, Methodist Leaders of State Pleased
1956 George W. Cornell Methodists Agree on Racial Policy
Ed King
Nina Cunningham
Nelle Coulter
Sue Cater
Marvin Pyron
Marilyn Herring
Jon Belton Walters
Jeannie Wesley
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1960 Unknown Heavy Fines Levied On Mixed Eaters
1960 Unknown Local Cleric Amazed at Arrest in Alabama Integration Controversy
1960 Bishop Watkins Methodism's Present Task: A Southern View
1960 Unknown $173 Fine Given to Prof. Nesmith
1960 Unknown Integrated Diners Appeal; Release Scheduled Today
1960 John Wicklein Methodists Favor Segregated Church