Methodists Close Eventful Sessions

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Fri, 06/04/1965
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In this article, the author describes the major actions taken by the Mississippi Methodist Conference in 1965. Bishop Edward Pendergrass, with the approval of six district superintendents, stated his support for integrated worship, and was critical of the practice of stationing ushers at church doors to turn away African Americans. The Conference also upheld the administration of Millsaps College, which had faced criticism for supporting civil rights activism. A special report on the National Council of Churches (NCC) was adopted, which cleared the NCC of charges that it had communist sympathies, and showed that no money from the Methodist Church had gone to the NCC's "Mississippi Summer Project." Other actions were approved as well, and Bishop Pendergrass upheld his integrationist stance when accused by a layperson of trampling on the "people's rights."  

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