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Ed King Sixties and Sit-ins
Ed King White Church (Part Two); Section IV, "Second Thoughts"
Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section XVI-C, "Mississippi Church Reaction to Conference"
Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section VIII, "Methodist Advocate -- Open Church"
Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section V-B, "Comments from White Church" (Untitled Document)
Ed King White Church (Part Four); Section II, "Church in Prison"
1962 Ed King Ed King: Background Manuscript Material for CR Movement
1962 Ed King Methodist Church and Ministry Conference (Part II): Letter
1963 Wilbur Whanger Telegram from Wilbur Whanger to Ed King
1963 W.E. Lampton Letter from W.E. Lampton to Ed King (06/01/1963)
1963 George Maddox Letter from George Maddox to Ed King (06/03/1963)
1963 Unknown A Resolution Stating the Policy of the Mississippi Association of Methodist Ministers and Laymen on Racial Integration Within the Church
1963 J.B. Cain Letter from J.B. Cain to Ed King (07/26/1963)
1963 Brewster Kneen Letter from Brewster Kneen to Ed King (06/10/1963)
1963 Walter G. Muelder Letter from Walter G. Muelder to Ed King (07/10/1963)
Marvin A. Franklin
Ed King
151st Session Mississippi Annual Conference: Galloway Memorial Methodist Church
1963 Jean Fairfax Letter from Jean Fairfax to Ed King (06/21/1963)
1963 Jerry DeLaughter Methodists Sever King Connections
1963 James Silver Letter from James Silver to Ed King (06/01/1963)
Wilson Yates
Gale Yates
Letter from Wilson and Gayle Yates to Ed and Jeanette King (06/05/1963)
1963 William R. Richerson Letter from William R. Richerson to Ed King (06/02/1963)
1963 R.C. Griffith Letter from R.C. Griffith to Friend (06/03/1963)
1964 Ed King White Church (Part Three) VII: "Spring, Summer '63"
1964 Ed King White Church (Part Three) V-A: "'Methodist vs 28', Cabinet"
1964 Ed King Jackson Movement, Spring 1963: Part XI-C Methodist Church
1964 Ed King Jackson Mississippi, May 1963- "Woolworth's Lunch Counter Sit In"-Working Draft
1964 Ed King White Church (Part Three): "Footnotes"
1965 John Perkins Methodist Bishop Declares Churches Can't Bar Negroes
1965 John Perkins Methodists Close Eventful Sessions
1969 Edward J. Pendergrass Information about "Ordered Desegregation of Public Schools" and the Use of Church Property for Private Schools