Rifle Squads in the Beloved Community

Ed King (author)
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In this document, civil rights activist Ed King recalls the fear that was rampant during the Civil Rights Movement, when the federal government failed to protect activists from white supremacist attacks. King and his wife as well as friends who were members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) debated among themselves about whether or not to forgo their longstanding philosophy of nonviolence and instead use violence to advance the cause of civil rights. Ultimately, King and his friends decided not to use force. King did acknowledge, however, that as civil rights activists they "would understand" violent methods of activism, but would not participate in those actions themselves.

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Document Description: 24-page typewritten document; located in PLT Archive folder “Ed King 'Rifle Squads and Beloved Community'"; notation: some highlighting throughout; sticky note with hand-written text affixed.

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