Bunche Criticizes Powell in Address at Tougaloo

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Thu, 10/24/1963
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This article describes the speech given by African-American United Nations official Ralph Bunche at Tougaloo College in Mississippi in October 1963.  In the speech, he sharply criticized the ideas of "extremism" and "racism" inherent in the messages of New York Congressman Powell, Black Muslims, and Malcom X. Bunche additionally praised the work of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), of which he was a life member. Bunche, a 1950 winner of the Nobel Prize, congratulated Tougaloo for being the only institution in Mississippi to recognize United Nations Day. In reference to the United Nations, Bunche acknowledged the imminent demise of colonialism and the UN's support for equal rights, regardless of race.

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