Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)

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Unknown Says Wallace wants to work in Virginia with students (SNCC Transcript) (Untitled Document)
Ed King The Minister & the Church & the Struggle to Come (Untitled Document)
Ed King Sixties and Sit-ins
Ed King Rifle Squads in the Beloved Community
1960 Marion S. Barry, Jr. Letter from Marion S. Barry, Jr. to Martin Luther King, Jr. (10/28/1960)
1960 Jane Stembridge Letter from Jane Stembridge to W.J. Faulkner (08/08/1960)
1960 Unknown Letter from Jane Stembridge to Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth (08/11/1960)
1961 Frank Holloway Travel Notes from a Deep South Tourist
1962 Wyatt Tee Walker Wyatt Tee Walker to William A. Sharpe
1963 Claude Sitton 27 Are Arrested in Jackson Riots After Evers Rite
1963 Claude Sitton Scores Arrested in Jackson March
1963 Unknown Notes from a COFO Meeting (Untitled Document)
1963 Unknown Negro Leaders Pause to Reconsider
1963 Jeannine Herron Letter from Jeannine Herron to Jeannette and Ed King (Summer 1963)
1963 Gerald Forshey Divided Flocks in Jackson
1963 Ed King Birmingham Funerals
1963 Ed King Final Conversation with Medgar Evers
1964 Unknown 3 Women Challenge House Seating: Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, Mrs. Annie Devine, Mrs. Victoria Gray
1964 Unknown The Student Voice December 1964 Issue
1964 Bob Moses Robert P. Moses to Julian Bond
1964 M. S. Handler Mississippi Faces Drive for Rights: 1,000 Students Expected to Work in the Project
1964 Christopher Jencks Mississippi: From Conversion to Coercion
Myrtle Lane
Marjory Collins
The King is Coming!
1964 Ed King White Church (Part One) VII: Kuntsler, Poole vs. Barnett
Myrtle Lane
Marjory Collins
What is the Movement?
Myrtle Lane
Marjory Collins
Peace Concern: Report From the South
1964 Jerry Demuth Fannie Lou Hamer: Tired of Being Sick and Tired
1965 Annell Ponder Annell Ponder to Fannie Lou Hamer
1965 Jody Palmour Conversation Vietnam
1965 Unknown Delta Ministry's Main Function is Civil Rights: Staff Members Have Leftist Backgrounds