The Christian Century

Contained items 
Yearsort icon Author Title
1963 Unknown Congress' Fateful Decision
1963 Gerald Forshey Divided Flocks in Jackson
1963 Unknown The Christian Century November 1963 Special Report Issue
1963 Unknown "On Our Knees": The Story of the Jackson Church Visits
1963 Charles Morgan, Jr. Who is Guilty in Birmingham?
1963 Denies Right to go to Church
Fletcher Coates
Elsa Kruuse
Poverty In the South
1964 P. Boyd Mather Editorial Correspondence: Methodists and Renewal
1964 John Gillies Justice, Southern Style
1965 Bruce L. Williams It Happened in Jackson
John McEntyre
Will D. Campbell
Book Review: The Glad River
1983 Murray L. Wagner Cecelia's Sin
Fredrick Mills
Thomas Connelly
Book Review: William Campbell and the Soul of the South
1984 Kenneth L. Gibble Living Out The Drama: An Interview With Will Campbell
Will D. Campbell
Myron A. Marty
Book Review: 40 Acres and a Goat: A Memoir
Andrew Pratt
Will D. Campbell
Book Review: The Convention: A Parable
1993 Perry H. Biddle Jr. Providence